Baseball Handicapping Money Leaders

Summer is here. Everyone is rejoicing and they should be, summer is awesome. The only bad thing about the end of the NBA and NHL Finals is until College Football’s opening day on Saturday August 26th the betting options are very slim. We scream from the mountain top every summer don’t forget about our amazing baseball handicappers. Baseball handicapping is not easy. To be a good baseball handicapper and make some money you have to be 100 percent invested. Baseball never sleeps. Day after day, night after night there is a full slate of games. Picking winners out of slate of up to 15 games a day is tough. That’s why many squares and even some pro’s don’t even bother. It’s a full time job in of itself. That’s why we say why even bother doing it yourself. Sit back relax and let our top baseball handicappers do all the work for you. Check their picks every morning, make your bets and forget about it while you go enjoy the summer months. Don’t believe there is money to be made? Here are the top 5 money winners from the 2016 season.

Rank Handicapper Profit Win PCT Wins Losses
1 Johnny Wynn $5726  57.4 % 206-153
2 Timothy Black $4244  52.9 % 476-424
3 TJ Pemberton $4213 56.1 % 289-226
4 Jim Feist $3552 54.7 % 263-218
5 Rob Vinciletti $3141 56.7 % 241-184


Baseball handicappers get on a hot streaks that can last the full summer, so why not take a chance on following one of our top 5 handicappers. You may just make a ton of money before football season. Click on capper to see picks and packages.

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