Best Madness Cappers Week 1

$$$$ Best College Basketball Handicappers To Win This Tournament Season $$$$

Week 1 of March Madness is over. In the NCAA tournament there were some upsets in round 1 most notably Michigan State’s loss to Middle Tennessee St. West Virginia, Cal, Baylor and Texas also went down to double digit seeds. By the end of round 2 all the Cinderellas were dead and order was restored by the Heavyweights. Over In The NIT Tournament 3 of the last 4 teams out of the NCAA Bracket, St Bonaventure, Monmouth and South Carolina all were ousted in the first 2 rounds as 1 seeds. The CBI and CIT tournaments are always just mayhem to predict. That being said there were some college basketball handicappers that absolutely crushed the first week of action. Let’s check the 2 best, Gameplan and Joe Delpopolo.


Gameplan has been fantastic since since March 15th, Going 27-14 (65.8%) He made $6,030 for his Nickel a game bettors. Check out his hits and misses

DateMatch URatingScoreResult  Profit
03-21-16  Eastern Washington v. Nevada -570-85Win  100
03-21-16  Duquesne +5.5 v. Morehead State72-82Loss -105
03-20-16  Wisconsin v. Xavier -4.5Top66-63Loss-106
03-20-16  Hawaii +7 v. Maryland60-73Loss-106
03-20-16  Middle Tennessee v. Syracuse -650-75Win100
03-20-16  VCU +7 v. Oklahoma81-85Win100
03-20-16  Stephen F Austin v. Notre Dame -1.575-76Loss-104
03-20-16  Iowa v. Villanova -6.568-87Win100
03-20-16  Florida +1 v. Ohio State74-66Win100
03-19-16  Providence v. North Carolina -9.566-85Win100
03-19-16  Gonzaga v. Utah82-59Win100
03-19-16  Indiana v. Kentucky -373-67Loss-115
03-19-16  Yale v. Duke -664-71Win100
03-19-16  UL-Lafayette -2 v. Furman80-72Win100
03-19-16  Wichita State v. Miami (Fla) +257-65Win100
03-18-16  Cincinnati v. St Joseph’s +2.576-78Win100
03-18-16  Michigan v. Notre Dame -363-70Win100
03-18-16  Northern Iowa +4.5 v. Texas75-72Win100
03-18-16  Weber State +13 v. Xavier53-71Loss-106
03-18-16  Pittsburgh v. Wisconsin -243-47Win100
03-18-16  VCU v. Oregon State +475-67Loss-110
03-18-16  Syracuse +1.5 v. DaytonTop70-51Win100
03-17-16  Gonzaga v. Seton Hall +268-52Loss-110
03-17-16  Providence -2 v. USC70-69Loss-104
03-17-16  Wichita State v. Arizona -1.5Top65-55Loss-105
03-17-16  Chattanooga v. Indiana -1274-99Win100
03-17-16  Arkansas-Little Rock +9 v. Purdue85-83Win100
03-17-16  Iona +7.5 v. Iowa State81-94Loss-101
03-17-16  Connecticut -3 v. Colorado74-67Win100
03-17-16  NC-Wilmington +10.5 v. Duke85-93Win100
03-16-16  Tulsa v. Michigan -3.562-67Win100
03-16-16  Princeton v. Virginia Tech -3.581-86Win100
03-16-16  Hofstra +6 v. George Washington80-82Win100
03-16-16  Belmont v. Georgia -7Top84-93Win100
03-16-16  ALBANY NY v. Ohio -490-94Push0
03-16-16  Southern v. Holy Cross +255-59Win100
03-15-16  New Mexico State +12 v. St. Mary’s56-58Win100
03-15-16  Vanderbilt v. Wichita State -350-70Win100
03-15-16  Ball State v. Tennessee State -2.578-73Loss-106
03-15-16  Davidson +9 v. Florida State74-84Loss-106
03-15-16  Akron +5 v. Ohio State63-72Loss-110
03-15-16  Fairleigh Dickinson v. Florida Gulf Coast -665-96Win100



Joe Delpopolo

Joe had a fantastic week going 19-8 (70.4%) Making his nickel a game bettors $5,245. Check out his hits and misses.


03-21-16  Washington v. San Diego State -578-93Win100
03-21-16  NC-Greensboro v. Ohio -1067-72Loss-105
03-21-16  George Washington +3.5 v. Monmouth87-71Win100
03-20-16  Wisconsin v. Xavier -4.566-63Loss-106
03-20-16  Georgia v. St. Mary’s -6.565-77Win100
03-20-16  Middle Tennessee v. Syracuse -6.550-75Win100
03-20-16  Iowa v. Villanova -6.5Top68-87Win100
03-19-16  Indiana v. Kentucky -3Top73-67Loss-115
03-19-16  Yale v. Duke -664-71Win100
03-19-16  New Hampshire +6 v. Coastal Carolina62-71Loss-104
03-18-16  Cincinnati -2.5 v. St Joseph’s76-78Loss-105
03-18-16  Michigan v. Notre Dame -363-70Win100
03-18-16  Temple +7.5 v. Iowa70-72Win100
03-18-16  Hawaii +4.5 v. California77-66Win100
03-18-16  Syracuse +1.5 v. Dayton70-51Win100
03-17-16  Arkansas-Little Rock +9 v. Purdue85-83Win100
03-17-16  Iona +7.5 v. Iowa State81-94Loss-105
03-17-16  Butler v. Texas Tech +471-61Loss-105
03-17-16  NC-Wilmington +10 v. DukeTop85-93Win100
03-16-16  Princeton v. Virginia Tech -3.5Top81-86Win100
03-16-16  Texas A&M Corpus Christi v. UL-Lafayette -7.572-96Win100
03-16-16  Nebraska-Omaha v. Duquesne -4.5112-120Win100
03-15-16  IUPU Ft Wayne v. San Diego State -11.555-79Win100
03-15-16  Vanderbilt v. Wichita State -350-70Win100
03-15-16  Ball State v. Tennessee State -2.5Top78-73Loss-106
03-15-16  Davidson v. Florida State -974-84Win100
03-15-16  Morehead State +6.5 v. Siena84-80Win100