March Madness Bracket Challenges

March Madness Bracket Challenges


Gone are the days of throwing $5 into your office pool. If you like filling out March Madness Brackets there are so many awesome contests out there for you to win some serious money. Let’s go through some of the better ones so you can fill out your brackets and win some $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ this NCAA Tournament. 



$1,000,000 March Madness Bracket Contest

1ST Place- $20,000

2ND Place- $10,000

3RD Place- $5,000

Top 200 wins cash

Worst 10 brackets win cash

Sweet Sixteen Contest when the 16 teams are set
Click here Then Click On $1,000,000 March Madness Bracket

Sportsbook AG

$10,000 Bracket Mayhem Challenge

There is $10,000 up for grabs in the Sportsbook AG Bracket Mayhem Challenge. 

1st Place: $3,500
2nd Place: $2,500
3rd Place: $2,000
4th Place: $1,500
5th Place: $500
And if you are REALLY on top of your game and correctly predict all four Final 4 teams, an extra $1,000 is yours. In order to qualify for any cash prizes, you need to make as little as $25 in real money sports wagers for each of the three weeks of the NCAA Tournament.
To learn more Click here March Madness Mayhem
5 Dimes does’t have a bracket challenge. It has many winner take all pools that players can join. Pick a pool you want to join. They have $5 and up. Pick your games. If you finish with the most points you win everybody’s money. You can choose to play in a smaller pool to give you a better chance to win or a large pool to make the payout bigger if you do win. Click HERE to learn more.
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