After another long winter, spring is finally here. That means beers, barbeque and baseball. More importantly betting on baseball. The MLB season officially opens up Sunday April 5th at Wrigley Field when the Cubs take on the Cardinals in a stand alone game with a full slate of games set for Monday April 6th. While fans are wondering if their favorite teams did enough in the offseason to compete, The best baseball handicappers and bettors alike are pondering Futures Bets, like which teams are getting the best value to win their divisions, the pennant and ultimately The World Series. When the season starts, things get tricky for people who would like to make some cash off the games. Your average bettor just steers clear of baseball all together. It can be an intimidating thing for people who have never wagered on the sport before. Most people wager on their favorite team or the best teams. The money lines for teams like the Dodgers, Nationals, Cardinals are going to intimidate most people this season. Novice bettors rarely use the money line in football and basketball, so risking -180 is out of the question even if Scherzer, Kershaw or Wainwright is on the mound. The Best MLB handicappers know that always betting on these big favorites will get you crushed but picking your spots correctly and you can profit over the long term. Most bettors who give baseball a try look too much into the pitching match ups and ultimately fail because they don’t take the time to look at other factors like defense and bullpen. With pitch counts a great pitcher can throw 7 shutout innings only to have their bullpen implode time after time. The best MLB handicappers have put in a lot of time and effort perfecting their own personal system that allows them to be successful year after year in a sport that has over 2400 games a year. Money management is ALWAYS big when it comes to betting but may be more important in baseball. With a 162 game schedule where the best teams win only 60 percent of their games and worst teams win 40 percent, strict money management is imperative to long term success. As the season get closer we keep hearing the question… Who is the best baseball handicapper? Who should I follow? Well this is our preseason list of The Best Baseball Handicappers. During the season we will release the Top 5 MLB Handicappers for the months of April, May and so on. So if you’ve never bet on baseball and want to start, only bet on it occasionally to pass the time until football or if you’re a fanatic we highly recommend following one these guys.

1. Kyle Hunter:  Kyle could be on our top 5 lists for a few different sports but he is currently #1 on our Best Baseball Handicapper list due to excellence year after year. In 2010 he finished as the #1 MLB handicapper, in 2012 he was #2 and in 2013 he was #3. He hits around 54% of his picks and he crushes the books because the average odds of his picks are in the -105 range so the payoffs make his clients smile summer after summer.

2. Trev Rodgers Trev has gained quite the following for his amazing ability to crush the books during football season. If you stop paying attention after The Super Bowl you are missing out on some serious cash. Take a look at these crazy numbers from the last 2 MLB seasons…… 2013- Trev went 237-203 (54%) for a unit gain of +2296. If his clients were happy with those kind of gains they were ecstatic in 2014. He upped his game even more going 293-237 (55.3%) for +4025 units. With numbers like that his followers can’t wait for April.

3. Doc’s Sports: Doc’s Sports Service has been well known in the handicapping world for decades. Doc’s has been making $ handicapping baseball for a long time. If the 2014 season was any indication, Doc’s shows no sign of slowing down hitting on 58% of their baseball plays. That’s right 58%!!!! That’s just mind blowing, and with the avg odds of their picks at -117, that’s some serious cash. Doc’s yearly subscribers so their picks have an year end result of +3441 units.   Also when the regular season ends and October hits, Doc’s cashes in the playoffs with the best of them.

4. Dennis Macklin: Mr Macklin is widely considered to be one of the best baseball handicappers in the world. He routinely finished in the top 3 in win % and units gained in the last 5 years. Between 2010- ’11 he picked over 1,000 games and hit on about 54% percent of them and the profit flowed.

5. Chase Diamond: This may be the only time you see Chase Diamond this far down our list. If 2014 was any indication he’d be right at the top. In 2014 Chase went 317-239 for a 57% win rate. Amount of units gained? +4,368! He also went 901-758 in all sports for 2014. What will 2015 bring?