Top 5 NHL Handicappers To Follow During The 2018 Playoffs

Top 5 NHL Handicappers To Follow During The 2018 Playoffs

The NHL regular season is over and it’s time for the best playoffs in pro sports to begin. The NHL playoffs are always exciting and unpredictable with the 8 seeds having just as a good of a chance to hoist the cup as a top seed. Handicapping in the NHL Playoffs is a whole different World than the regular season. Gone are games on back to back days, extended road trips and back up goalies. With that being said we are going to give you our list of the Top 5 NHL handicappers to follow before each round.  Handicappers who got hot at the end season leading into the playoffs is weighed more important than handicappers who won early and faltered late. We also look for cappers who have experienced postseason success in the past and top NBA handicappers in past years who haven’t had the kind of season we expected. That being said here are the 5 handicappers we suggest you follow during the 2018 NHL Playoffs to grow your bankroll even more. To go straight to all handicappers, plus premium and free picks CLICK HERE.

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5. Ryan Worden

Ryan Worden had a late start to the season but he really caught fire the last 2 months hitting 58% of his picks to the tune of over 11 grand in winnings for $1,000 a game bettors. We expect big things from Ryan Worden in these playoffs.

4. Johnny Banks

Johnny Banks closed the season on a 51-31 run but that’s not the only reason why he’s on the list. Banks is the #1 NHL handicapper the last 8 years hitting on 54% of his picks and winning $83,370 for $1,000 a game bettors.

3. Alex Smart

One of the best all around handicappers in the business Smart had another season. Alex went 64-49 on the season and won $1,000 a game bettors over 13 grand. We look for Alex Smart to have a great playoff run.

2. Hunter Price

If you like volume handicappers Hunter Price is your man. Price picked 591 games on the season which is a ton of games. He showed how consistent he was by hitting 55.5% of those games and placing himself on 2nd on the NHL money leaderboard. If you want a lot of action follow Price.

1. Matt Fargo

Who was going to be #1 on this list was never really a doubt. Matt Fargo has been hands down the best NHL handicapper this season from start to finish. It’s not hard to see when you look at the money leaderboard. Fargo is 141-85 on the season, good for an amazing 62.4% success rate and winning $1,000 a game bettors $31,290 on the season.

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