2016 Top 10 Football Handicappers To Watch

2016 Top 10 Football Handicappers To Watch

As the football season gets underway we will give our readers constant updates on which football handicappers are crushing the books and who we suggest you should follow all the way through The Super Bowl. Before the season starts let’s go through our Top 10 football handicappers to watch for the upcoming season. Click on the handicapper to view their picks. Click on the links at the bottom for the best football handicappers on Earth.

1. Rocky Sheridan

How can you go wrong with 2015 overall handicapping champion? The main reason Rocky won the 2015 overall championship was his masterful football performance. He won the most money in the 2015 college football season as well as the most money in combined NFL/College football. If you like betting totals Rocky is not the handicapper for you. It is rare that you see a totals play on his card as over 95% of his plays are on a side. He has a great knack for sniffing out dogs. In 2015 he hit on 61% of his college football picks, 57% of his NFL picks and has won 70 grand for his dime betting followers since September 2014.

2. Brad Diamond

Brad Diamond has been one of the top football handicappers in the World the last few years. His insights in major college football and the NFL have earned him spots on many major radio shows all over the country every fall. In 2014 he was the college football money winner, winning 63 percent of his games and making his dime betting followers over 35 grand. Since the start of the 2014 season he has hit 58% off all football picks and have made clients over $58,000.

3. Rob Vinciletti

Since May of 2015 Rob Vinciletti has been one of the best all around handicappers on Earth. In basketball he has hit 56% of his picks and in Baseball he has hit on 57% of his picks. When it comes to handicapping football he is no different hitting on 57% of all his football picks the last 2 seasons winning almost 67 grand for his followers. The astonishing part is he is equally as good picking NFL as he is college football going 163-120 and 194-144 respectively.

4. Marco D’Angelo

Marco D’Angelo is a force of nature. This veteran of the game is truly one of the best football handicappers you can find. He doesn’t just win in football he wins big, routinely hitting on 60% of his football picks making himself and his clients a truckload of money. He’s been bouncing around providing his much sought after services to a few different pick services but he seems to have found a home at Wagertalk and boy are we glad he did. Now we like the rest of betting world can enjoy making money off his picks for many years to come.

5. Matt Fargo

Matt Fargo knows NFL football. In fact he is the only handicapper on this list that has won the NFL handicapping money title twice. Don’t for one second think he can’t get it done on the college football side but when it comes to NFL he has very few equals. He routinely hits above 57% of his picks but has hit 60% of his NFL picks the last 2 seasons making clients over 47 grand. Choosing Fargo as your primary NFL capper gives you access to him picking 6-8 NFL games a week and a bankroll that grow and grows.

6. Marc Lawrence

For reasons we can’t quite understand Marc Lawrence seems to not be on too many people’s radar come football season. This fantastic handicapper has 40 years of experience and seems to be getting better with age. If we had to choose one we’d say he is a better college football handicapper than pro but he is very good in both. In the last 2 seasons he is 185-119 combined (61%) and has won his followers over $53,000. If you like totals Marc is not your man. We only found 1 total he released in the last 2 years (of course he won) He sniffs out big college underdogs and hits them at a very high rate.

7. Zach Cimini

Zach Cimini has been killing it the last 12 months winning over 66 grand for his followers in all sports. Part of that success has to be directly contributed to what he did last football season. He finished as the #2 NFL handicapper and #7 college football handicapper in 2015. Cimini is another handicapper who only bets sides. Last season 63% of his picks were on dogs. That is also the same percentage as his winning percentage as he went 97-56, to the tune of over 35 grand.

8. Teddy Covers

Teddy Covers didn’t pick a ton of games last football season but he made the ones he did pick count in a big way. He ranked 4th on the NFL money list going 44-24 (65%) and ranked 6th on the college football money list going 47-29 (62%) Combined he won his client’s over 33 Grand. If you’re looking for a capper who is equally good in both college and pro check Teddy out.

9. Trev Rogers

How can any list of top football handicappers not include Trev Rogers? Trev was head and shoulders above everyone else as the top football handicapper in the world for 2012 and 2013, winning back to back football money titles. In those 2 years he won his clients over $80,000! He has the ability to explode at anytime and we expect a big year out of him in 2016.

10. Scott Spreitzer

Scott Spreitzer is as consistent as they come when betting on football. In the last 5 seasons he has released over 500 picks and has hit between 57 and 60 percent of them each and every year. Scott has shown a knack for spotting road dogs that don’t just cover but win outright more times than not. Look out for Scott in 2016 he may just surprise a lot of people and go even beyond even his lofty expectations.

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