2017 Major League Baseball Futures Betting

2017 Major League Baseball Futures Betting

In the 2017 world of impatience and instant gratification, betting on the MLB win totals, division, pennant, or World Series futures are not even on most people’s radars. More and more people are betting on just the first 5 1/2 innings of games. If they can’t wait a full baseball game to see if they won their bet, it’s not surprising that they don’t want to wait 6 months to see the outcome of a futures bet. Well right around the time that March Madness is tipping off, we like to remind our readers what MLB Sharps already know…. There is a shit ton of money to be made betting MLB Futures.

For the average bettor, the day in day out grind of MLB handicapping is too much to handle. The ups and downs of the long MLB season works against bettors who don’t have the time to handicap baseball games everyday. The best teams still lose 60 to 70 games per season so trying to ride the better teams day after day doesn’t work. The grind of the long season actually helps the futures bettor. After 162 games the best teams usually rise to the top and snag playoff spots. Teams like The Chicago Cubs can lose 6-7 games straight in the summer and still easily make the playoffs. But that 6-7 game losing streak can be a bankroll crusher for the everyday novice bettor. Betting on the outcome of a season isn’t easy though and it does take some work on your part. Baseball handicapping is done differently by everyone. There is just too much information out there to be able to understand what it all means and use that to win baseball games. Everyone has their own things they look for. So here are things we look for and tips for betting MLB win totals and futures. (All Odds In This Article Are Provided By Bovada)

Player Movement: Looking too much into player movement can hurt you. Splashy free agent signings or trades will surely get the public excited and raise those win totals. Recent baseball history has taught us teams don’t win the World Series this way anymore and betting on teams that attempt to throw money at their deficiencies can leave you broke.

Player Development: Looking at the young players on each team and especially the top players in the minor league system is a good way to look for improvement from a year ago. A top player in the minor leagues that is ready to make the jump as a full time starter can add wins to a team that Vegas won’t see coming.

Bottom of the Rotation and Bullpen: When handicapping MLB futures and win totals, too many people fall in love with the top of the rotation or even just 1 Ace. To win over the long haul and compete for the championship you have to have serviceable 4th and 5th starters and a rock solid bullpen. On the other side of the equation don’t underestimate how much losing a good 7th or 8th inning set up man can diminish a bullpen and wipe away precious wins. Also look for young arms in Triple A, a good pitcher going down is harder to replace than most hitters.

Beware of the Huge step forward or Huge step back from a year ago: Looking at the standings from last season and betting accordingly can be a trap. So many things can cause a team to take a step forward or back over the course of 1 MLB season. Injuries can snowball or it may take a year to replace a key loss in free agency. Just because a team that was recently a playoff team took a step back last year doesn’t mean this season they won’t get back to the playoffs. We’re looking at you Kansas City, St Louis and Houston. Also a team that came out of nowhere and everything fell right to make the playoffs can revert back to an also ran the next year. 

Direction of a team with a closing window of opportunity: We all know this team. They were good for a stretch and won some division titles and contended for the World Series but they never got over that hump. Management holds on for too long then gives them one more chance before they blow the whole thing up and have a fire sale. This years trade deadline could be interesting for Detroit, Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Baltimore. If those teams don’t look like contenders by mid season they could sell and start anew. 

Young team, Manager and Front Office growing together: Having a good manager and front office working on the same page can do wonders for a team. Throw in good young talent and you can see a team waiting to bust out and cash that OVER ticket. Everyone could see the Cubs getting better and better the last 4 seasons because they stayed the course. It was just a matter time for them and there are more diamonds in the rough out there.

Speaking of Cubs Don’t Fall Into The Trap: If you want to bet on the Cubs to win the whole thing again , the last team to go Back to Back was The New York Yankees who won 3 straight from 1998-2000. In fact they are only one of two teams to do it in the last 38 years. The 1991-1992 Toronto Blue Jays being the other.

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Atlanta Braves – UNDER 73.5   The Atlanta Braves won only 68 games last season and they may have overachieved. Long gone are the Bobby Cox glory days. This team of aging veterans looking to hang on and prospects looking to make a name for themselves should lose over 90 games.

Boston Red Sox – OVER 92.5   The Red Sox were the most dangerous offensive team in baseball last season scoring 33 more runs than 2nd place Colorado. Deep inside they knew they didn’t have the pitching so they went out and got Chris Sale. 3 potential CY Young winners will make up for the runs lost by David Ortiz’s retirement and The Red Sox should win the most games in the AL.

Kansas City Royals – OVER 76.5   The Kansas City Royals are not the team that went to back to back World Series but they still have enough talent on this team to stay in the Wild Card mix this season. Expect another .500 season for the Royals followed by a rebuild.

Miami Marlins – UNDER 76.5   The Miami Marlins are a mess in the front office and on the field. Owner Jeffrey Loria is openly trying to sell the team. The only reason he hasn’t done it yet is he’s trying to squeeze every penny out of them. This team will play in front of empty seats again and Ace Jose Fernandez’ boating accident will hit the team’s on field performance hard this season. Expect 90+ losses.

N.Y. Yankees – OVER 82.5   While the rest of the league has been laughing and thoroughly enjoying the fall of the Dynasty the Yankees front office has done a fantastic job of rebuilding with young inexpensive talent while the old overpriced talent came off the books. The Orioles and Blue Jays could take a step back and the Yanks will better their 84 wins from a year ago. The league won’t be laughing long. 

Washington Nationals – OVER 90.5   The Washington Nationals are a frustrating franchise. There is no conceivable reason this team should not of been in that NLCS last season with a chance to win the whole thing. They choked in the end for a team that won 95 games. Well they are still good enough to win another 95 games and they should again finish with the 2nd best record in the NL. Will they get their shot at the Cubs this year? That’s a playoff question for later in this article.

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