Best Handicappers To Follow For 2017 NHL Playoffs

Best Handicappers To Follow For 2017 NHL Playoffs

After 6 months and 82 grueling games the NHL Playoffs are finally upon us. There are 16 teams left who have a chance to win Lord Stanley’s Cup. One of the best things about the NHL Playoffs is they don’t take long to get interesting. The First Round dwarfs it’s NBA counterpart in competitiveness and excitement. Upsets are very common and we are seeing more and more series go 6 or 7 games. NHL Playoff Handicapping is different than the regular season. Playing the same team with a night to rest between every game is much different than the regular season with all the travel and different opponents every night.

Our take on which NHL Handicapper you should Follow for the next 2 months is you can go 1 or 2 ways. You can follow a Handicapper that did well over the entire season like our 2016 NHL Regular season money winner Jim Feist or a proven Big gun who got off to terrible start on the season but has been Hot as a pistol of late like Johnny Banks. The best part about the playoffs is you don’t have to choose just 1. This is a 2 month tournament and our Top NHL Cappers may be the best in the World but even they will have a bad couple days. But our best Playoff handicapper the last 7 years has won over 15 Grand.

So check back every week throughout the NHL Playoffs for updates and which Handicappers catch fire. Below you will find our top 3 handicappers to follow, The top 5 money winners the entire season and last 30/60 days and at the bottom of the pge is today’s premium picks. Good Luck and let’s win some money.

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1. Jim Feist

Whenever we start the Playoffs we have to give our top spot to the regular season champ. It’s not easy to outduel over 100 of the best Handicappers on Earth to win the regular season money title. Jim did just that going 170-128 on the season (57%) and winning his clients almost $20,000. Get every pick Feist releases during The Stanley Cup Playoffs for the price of $225.00.

2. Johnny Banks

If you read us with any regularity you will know that we consider Johnny Banks as one of the Best Handicappers in the World. He’s earned that title with his 2 Overall Handicapping Championships. What many don’t know is his love for betting on NHL Hockey. When he gets hot WATCH OUT! and right now, no NHL Handicapper is hotter. In the last 30 days Banks rattled off 88 picks and won 51 of them (58%) and has won his clients almost 9 Grand. Get every pick Banks releases these playoffs for $249.00. In Banks We Trust!

3. Doc’s Sports

Doc’s Sports didn’t have the kind of NHL season he envisioned when the puck dropped in October. As we at RideTheHotHand know very well is none of that matters to him anymore because when the Playoffs start Doc usually takes over. In the last 5 seasons he has made the most money in the NHL Playoffs 3 times! Need we say more?


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Past NHL Playoff Handicapping Champions

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