Jeff Alexander Handicapper Review

Jeff Alexander Handicapper Review

               What can we say about Jeff Alexander besides for our money he is one of the Best Sports Handicappers on the planet. The numbers speak for themselves but we’ll get to that in a moment. Mr. Alexander (as we’ll call him) has done just about everything you can do as a Top Rated Handicapper. Number 1 finishes in multiple sports, top 5’s, top 10’s it just doesn’t end. He started out handicapping football and crushing it, going 63-28 in 2006. But has since expanded his winning ways to all sports.  No one is going to outwork or outsmart him. He uses situational and statistical analysis, recent trends, past head to head results, injuries, weather, coaching matchups to pick winners. Let’s just say if there is an angle that can be exploited in a number Jeff will find it. Jeff rates his plays 1-5 stars with his 4* and 5* star plays being some of the most successful and sought after big plays around. Jeff’s 5* Wiseguy Plays are just money making machines, week after week year after year.

               Not convinced? Let’s look at some numbers. We already mentioned that  #1 2006 NFL season, 2008 he finished 4th winning over 55% and in 2013 and 2014 he finished 7th and 1st respectively. That’s right, reigning NFL champ. The last 2 NFL seasons he has combined to go 135-86, A 2-year win pct of 61%! He didn’t just go #1 in NFL in 2014, he was the 8th best NCAA Football Handicapper winning 57.6%. You like betting on basketball? In NBA plays he’s got 4 top ten finishes in the last 7 years winning over 55% during that span including a recent #4 finish in 2013 going 203-164. He was the 11th best NCAA Basketball Handicapper in 2014 winning over 55%. He also has a #2 MLB finish on his resume. You think it can’t get better? Right now you can get a full year subscription for all his sports plays for $899.00. Yes right now you can get 365 days of picks for one of the best handicappers in the world for under 900 bucks. You may recoup your investment in a week. WE’RE IN!

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