John Martin Is The Best NBA Handicapper On Earth

John Martin Is The Best NBA Handicapper On Earth

For the last 16 months the top spot for the best NBA handicapper belonged to Teddy Davis. It wasn’t even close, Davis had such a tight grasp on it we thought it could be next season before he gave up the spot. Well for the first time in 16 long months there is a new man on our mountaintop as Best NBA handicapper on Earth and his name is John Martin. Don’t get us wrong, Teddy is still on top of his game and we wouldn’t be surprised if he came charging back these next few months to gain a top 3 finish. This is clearly John Martin’s time though and he didn’t just luck into it, he’s been crushing it for a full year. After a slow beginning to the 2015-16 season Martin started to heat up in the middle of January. In the last 5 months of last season (including playoffs) Martin went 183-155, making his dime betting clients over 20 grand, but that was just the beginning because John was just warming up.

Starting the 2016 season John Martin was on a mission. He felt like he turned the corner those last 5 months and was ready to take what has eluded him, The number 1 spot on the NBA money list. He has had top 10 finishes and even a couple top 5 finishes in the past but you know he wanted to be at the top when the very last game was played. That very last game is 4 months away but with only 2 full months left in the regular season we’re here to tell you it’s a wrap. John Martin will finish this season as the #1 ranked NBA Handicapper and take home that money title. He started the season winning 13 of his first 20 picks. That was just the start he was looking for after last season. Then he went just 43-40 over his next 83 games and we were still high on him but started thinking a top 5 finish was in store for him and started looking elsewhere for our champ this season. BAD IDEA!

Since being 56-47 on November 21st John Martin has EXPLODED!!!!! He is 128-83 since. That’s right, since November 22nd Martin has hit 61 percent of every NBA pick he releases. On the season John is hitting 58.6% of his picks and won over $44,000 for his clients. We were raving (and rightly so) how Teddy Davis finished last season +$60,640 in NBA alone. Well it looks to us that record is only going to stand 1 year as Martin looks to demolish it. Oh and if you think John Martin is a one trick pony and is only good betting NBA you would be mistaken. In the last calendar year Martin is +$84,000 in all sports. We do know this, at the moment John Martin Is The Best NBA Handicapper On Earth.

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