MLB 60 Game Season And What It Means For Betting

Rejoice baseball fans, we’re finally going to see baseball after 4 months of wondering if there would be a 2020 season due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The plan is to have a 60 game sprint to the normal finish line with the playoffs taking place at their usual time. With baseball deciding not to expand the playoffs to 16 teams, the need for teams to get off to a good start is going to be more important than ever. Each team will play 10 games against teams in their division. Each team will also play 20 games against the division in the other conference that share their geographic location. The AL East Will play NL East, Central vs Central and West vs West. Some important new rules include The National League will have the designated hitter this season and extra-inning games will have a runner starting an inning on second base. It’s going

Updated Odds To Win The 2020 World Series And Our Picks

Los Angeles Dodgers+375
New York Yankees+375
Houston Astros+1200
Atlanta Braves+1200
Minnesota Twins+1500
Tampa Bay Rays+1600
Chicago White Sox+1800
Cincinnati Reds+1800
Los Angeles Angels+2000
Oakland Athletics+2000
Washington Nationals+2000
New York Mets+2200
Chicago Cubs+2400
Cleveland Indians+2500
St Louis Cardinals+2500
Philadelphia Phillies+3000
San Diego Padres+3000
Milwaukee Brewers+3300
Boston Red Sox+5000
Arizona Diamondbacks+6600
Toronto Blue Jays+6600
Texas Rangers+8000
Colorado Rockies+15000
Kansas City Royals+15000
San Francisco Giants+15000
Detroit Tigers+20000
Seattle Mariners+20000
Miami Marlins+25000
Baltimore Orioles+30000
Pittsburgh Pirates+30000

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