NBA ATS Records Last 2 Seasons

NBA ATS Records Last 2 Seasons

Many lines that Vegas sets on NBA basketball has just as much to do with public perception as it does perceived outcomes. The public loves to bet on certain teams more than others so Vegas inflates lines on those teams. For some of the more popular teams it doesn’t matter how high the line goes, the public will bet on them game after game even after they have lost a few straight on the same team. On the flip side of that coin some teams just fly under the public’s radar even though they are money making machines. No one pays attention to them at the betting window even though they can clean up for long stretches

Undervalued Teams Last 2 Seasons

Orlando: The Orlando Magic have been in rebuilding mode for years. Ever since Dwight Howard was traded 4 years ago the Magic have stockpiled draft picks looking for young athletic players. They also have been using those young players as bargaining chips to get better now and sneak into the playoffs in the weak Eastern Conference. This uncertainty has led to a dismal 60-104 record in the last 2 years with no playoff berths. That kind of dismal record has led to them being overlooked by the public. For a team that bad they have been really good against the spread going 88-76. The Magic might actually be good this season with the additions of Bismack Biyombo, Serge Ibaka, Jeff Green and D.J. Augustin. The public has been slow to catch up to the Magic success at the betting window. They may be even better this season so keep an eye out for some easy ATS wins.

Atlanta: The Atlanta Hawks have been one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference the last couple years, some say the 2nd best team. What do they have to show for their 108-56 regular season record the last 2 years? 2 straight seasons of being swept out of the playoffs by the Cleveland Cavaliers. They have fared a whole lot better with bettors than they have the Cavs. In the last 2 years including playoffs Atlanta is 104-87 against the spread. The Hawks also tend to lean towards the UNDER. The total is 88-103 during that time span. With the addition of Dwight Howard the Hawks hope to improve on their already great ATS record. and with the added defense Howard bring look for games to continue to go Under.

Golden St: Golden St is a weird team to put on the undervalued list because the public loves them. The numbers say they should be bet on them even more. In the last 2 seasons they’ve won a championship, broke the record for regular season wins and choked away another championship in 7 games after having a 3-1 lead. Golden St has an unbelievable straight up record of 171-38 during those 2 seasons, the best 2 year record in history. despite the books making them overwhelming favorites in most of their games they still have the best ATS record during that time period of 120-89. That’s right almost 58% of Warrior games have been ATS winners. If you bet a grand on every Warriors game the last 2 seasons you’d be up over 22 thousand dollars.

Overvalued Teams Last 2 Seasons

Cleveland: The most bet on team in the last 2 seasons is the Cleveland Cavaliers. People love betting The Cavs because of Lebron James and the fact the East is so weak. If you’re one of those people you’re probably not doing as well as you think. Vegas knows you love betting on them so they inflate their number every single night. So despite a regular season record of 110-54 the last 2 seasons the Cavs are covering only 48 percent of their games. The public won’t care though. This season they will continue to drop tons of money on the Cavs and probably come up losers again.

Oklahoma City: Oklahoma City is another one of those teams the public loves to bet on and another team that disappoints more than people thinkk. Despite having 2 of the top 5 players in the NBA the last 2 seasons OKC has managed to go only 86-96 against the spread. With Durant gone and this officially being Russell Westbrook’s team, OKC won’t be favored by as much and may play more defense than years past so expect them to have a little more success at the betting window this season.

Clippers: Is there a more talented, yet disappointing team in the NBA this last decade than the Los Angeles Clippers? This team is the definition of underachieving. Despite winning 109 games the last 2 seasons this team can’t even get to the conference finals. They aren’t doing much better against the spread either going a bankroll busting 88-97. Look for this team to win a lot of games straight up again this season and not a lot to show for it at the betting window. 

Against The Spread Record Last 2 Years (including playoffs)

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