NBA Season Restart Futures Odds, Picks and Analysis

The NBA players are starting to make their way down to Orlando to enter the NBA ‘Bubble”. With the season set to restart on July 30th, now is a good time to look at some NBA prop bets to see if we can make some money on the side. We have 9 pre restart props we are going to look at and give you our analysis and picks. Just because we are making a pick doesn’t mean we are betting on that particular prop. Bet responsibly.


Will NBA Season Restart As Scheduled?


Analysis: Florida’s Governor Ron Desantis took a victory lap in April when it seemed his state wouldn’t suffer the same fate as New York City despite not making masks mandatory and opening up the economy too soon. Now Florida is being ravished by the virus and many parts of the state have been forced to close back down. There have also been players and team employees testing positive, causing teams to close their practice facilities of late.

Our Pick: Commissioner Adam Silver continues to be optimistic that once everyone gets quarantined inside the bubble they will be able to start properly testing everyone and get the season underway. The owners and players want the games to start on time so our money says they will. The Pick: YES -300.


Will The NBA Season Finish With The New Format?


Analysis: Starting the NBA season on time and crowning a champion in its current format are two completely different things. The NBA is taking great lengths to assure that everyone in the NBA bubble will be properly tested and any player or staff that tests positive will be immediately taken out of the bubble. This all sounds great but that means the players and staff have to follow all the rules.

Our Pick: This one is a tough one but we’re just not optimistic that all parties will do what is needed to keep everyone safe. Even if everyone takes all the precautions all it takes is for one player to infect half their team and another team and this thing blows up. The NBA will do their best, we just don’t see this happening and our bet is on the season being canceled at some point. The Pick: NO +170

NBA Win Totals In The Last 8 Games

Boston Celtics5.0-110-120
Brooklyn Nets3.0-105-125
Dallas Mavericks4.0-115-115
Denver Nuggets4.5-115-115
Houston Rockets5.0-105-125
Indiana Pacers4.0-115-115
Los Angeles Clippers5.5-105-125
Los Angeles Lakers5.5-115-115
Memphis Grizzlies3.0-125-105
Miami Heat4.5-130+100
Milwaukee Bucks6.0-115-115
New Orleans Pelicans5.0-115-115
Oklahoma City Thunder4.0-115-115
Orlando Magic3.0-115-115
Philadelphia 76ers4.5-125-105
Phoenix Suns2.5-115-115
Portland Trail Blazers3.5-115-115
Sacramento Kings3.0-115-115
San Antonio Spurs3.0-125-105
Toronto Raptors5.0-115-115
Utah Jazz4.0-115-115
Washington Wizards2,0-125-105

Analysis: Trying to figure out how well these teams will play in glorified scrimmages with no fans is tough but let us give you a few teams we think will win more or less than their posted number.

Our Pick:

Brooklyn Nets Under 3

Dallas Mavericks Over 4

Indiana Pacers Under 4

Milwaukee Bucks Under 6

Philadelphia 76ers Over 4.5

Portland Trail Blazers Over 3.5

Washington Wizards Over 2

Odds To Be The 8 Seed (If play-in tournament, the winner is the 8th seed)

Orlando Magic+115
Brooklyn Nets-105
Washington Wizards+700
Memphis Grizzlies-130
New Orleans Pelicans+275
Portland Trail Blazers+350
Sacramento Kings+900
San Antonio Spurs+1600
Phoenix Suns+5000

East Analysis: The East has 6 teams locked in the playoff field and Orlando, Brooklyn and Washington vying for the final 2 spots.  

Our Pick: The Wizards are 6 games back with 8 to play and they must be within 4 games to force a play-in tournament. I suspect both Brooklyn and Orlando win a minimum of 2 games which would force Washinton to win 4. That won’t happen. Brooklyn will make the playoffs but will bring the least amount of talent to Orlando. The Magic should hold them off for the 7th seed. The Pick: Brooklyn -105

West Analysis: The 8th seed in the West is really a race between 3 teams in our opinion. Memphis holds a 3 game lead over Portland and a 4 game lead over New Orleans. We think both teams will be within 4 games of Memphis when the season ends so the team with the better record will play the Grizzlies in the tournament.

Our Pick: Everyone including us would love to see the Pelicans somehow get the 8th seed and face the Lakers but our money is on Portland to beat Memphis in the Play-in tournament and make the playoffs. The Pick: Portland +350

Will There Be A Play-In Tournament?


East Analysis: For there to be a play-in tournament in the East, The Washington Wizards have to pick up either two games on the Magic or Nets.

Our Pick: If the Magic or Nets win only 2 games the Wizards would have to win to force a play-in tournament. We just don’t see Washington winning 4 games. The Pick: No -850

West Analysis: If you read our pick for the 8 seed it shouldn’t be a surprise where we go here. Portland and New Orleans are better teams than current 8 seed Memphis.

Our Pick: The Pick: Yes -1000

How Many Current Seeds Will Be Different In The Playoffs?

OVER 4.5-115
UNDER 4.5-115

Analysis: This prop is pretty easy money in our opinion. These NBA teams are walking into the unknown right now. No one knows who is going to play well in these conditions. The seeds you see know will look way different after 8 games.

Our Pick: Over 4.5 -115

Most Points Scored By Any Team?

OVER 139.5-135
UNDER 139.5+105

Analysis: This is another prop we think will be easy money. Defense is all about intensity. A lot of defensive intensity comes from the energy on the crowd. In games that are going to feel like scrimmages there will be some bad teams and bad players going through the motions on the defensive end especially in the last couple of games.

Our Pick: No Brainer Over 139.5

Least Amount Of Points Scored By Any Team?

OVER 84.5-115
UNDER 84.5-115

Analysis: Like the last prop this one also seems like a no brainer to us. There are going to be some pretty bad teams going through the motions. An eliminated team may throw in the towel at halftime and not break 75.

Our Pick: Under 84.5

Most Points Scored By Any Player In A Single Game?

OVER 54.5-115
UNDER 54.5-115

Analysis: This is an interesting one for us. We do believe there are going to be some high scoring games in the bubble but 55 is a lot of points. If it were to happen it would happen in the regular season. The best players have playoff berths locked up and many will have seeding locked up. No reason to keep a guy out there long enough to hit this mark. 

Our Pick: Under -115

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