NFL Football Handicapper Picks

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Handicapping NFL football games can sometimes be a hot and cold proposition for even the best handicappers. Some handicappers go on hot streaks for a week, month, and the best of the best may even be hot for a full season. The point is, that for many people who choose to invest in a top NFL handicapper, picking one and sticking with him is hard sometimes. Maybe you cant find one you like, or maybe you like too many and want to use them all depending on who is feeling it. Well this page is dedicated to those of you who want to just pick single games. This list of single NFL premium picks will be up all week. In the beginning of the week you won’t see as many picks. The closer it gets to Sunday kickoff, this page will completely be full of single game GUARANTEED picks from some of the best NFL handicappers on Earth. So choose a capper or even a game.

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