Top 3 NBA Handicappers To Watch In 2017

Top 3 NBA Handicappers To Watch In 2017

As the NFL Playoffs are underway and the college football season is over it’s time to start really concentrating on making some money this NBA season. We understand that the length of the NBA season coupled with how time consuming football is, many bettors don’t start paying attention to basketball until the New Year. If that person is you then you can’t expect to just dive into betting on teams you haven’t been watching, let only handicapping with any regularity. Showing up on Christmas Day with a fist full of money, while studying your favorite NBA app is not going to win many NBA bets. That’s just ludicrous. Most fans show up in the new year and start immediately betting on the best teams no matter how many points they are laying. Who do those teams tend to be? Cleveland and Golden State. Well against the spread the Cavs are 1 game under .500 and Golden State is 3 games under .500 respectively. So if your strategy is to just bet on the 2 teams that likely play in the Finals again you’ll be throwing away your money in no time. You would be surprised by some of teams that are making money at the moment. Houston, New York and Toronto are a combined 28 games over .500 ATS. If fading bad teams is your thing then Portland, Indiana and Minnesota are a combined 25 games under .500 ATS. New York and Indiana are 2 interesting teams to look that to prove our point how tough it is. Even though both teams are hovering around .500 straight up, NY is crushing against the spread while betting on Indiana has been like flushing $100’s down the toilet. 

Obviously we aren’t going to let you start betting on NBA games blind. So we’re going to give you the NBA handicappers that you should be following until you at least get your basketball legs under you. It comes with a warning though. These cappers have been making so much money you might just decide to follow them for the rest of the year. Click On the Handicapper to see their review and picks.

John Martin

We knew it was coming. We knew John Martin was ready to explode back onto the scene and take his rightful place near the top of the Basketball handicapper rankings. Well we have to admit, after a couple seasons of making money in the NBA but nothing really extraordinary we didn’t expect this kind of resurgence. Recently Martin has been by far the hottest NBA handicapper in the World. Since the beginning of 2016 he has hit on 56% of his NBA picks and over 58% since the October tip off. Since December 1st he has had 3 different Hot Streaks that have been nothing short of amazing. Going 9-1, 11-2 and 11-1. Most handicappers won’t have one streak like that this entire season. 

Teddy Davis

Last season’s NBA handicapping champ and overall basketball champ got off to a slow start. We were as shocked as anyone when Teddy went from late October through the whole month of November barely breaking even. It was just a matter of time, we knew it and if you have been reading our articles the last year+ you would of known it too. Since December 1st he has been as hot as a pistol, winning 64% of his NBA plays. During that hot streak he has gone from about 50th on our NBA money leaderboard, all the way to the top 10. If you know Teddy like we do, he’ll be challenging Martin for that top spot in no time. Trust us, he hasn’t conceded his crown just yet. Get on board now. 

Chip Chirimbes

If you know us then you know how we feel about Chip Chirimbes. The man is a pro’s pro. He’s been crushing the books during basketball season for almost 4 decades and is showing this season he’s still got it. After finishing 8th last season in NBA picks, Chirimbes is sitting in the top 3 of the leaderboard at the moment, hitting on 58% of his plays this season. We have a sneaky suspicion Chip isn’t going anywhere anytime soon as he definitely looks like he can snag that NBA handicapping championship this season.

Our Top 10 NBA Handicappers this season have all won their followers over 10 grand this season, a list that includes our current Top 3 above. CLICK HERE to start crushing the NBA Books$$$$$

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