Top 5 MLB Handicappers…So Far

Top 5 MLB Handicappers…So Far

The baseball season is now a third of the way through it’s season and it’s becoming more clear who the best teams and best MLB handicappers are in 2016. It’s no surprise that teams like the Nationals, Dodgers, Cubs and Royals are among the best teams in baseball. A couple surprises has to be the Red Sox in first place despite awful pitching in the AL East and The Houston Astros crashing hard back down to Earth after their one year resurgence. On the best MLB handicapper side of it, TJ Pemberton has moved to number 1 atop the leaderboard thanks to a dominating May and Johnny Wynn holding to second after cooling off a little bit after a fast start. Let’s look at the top 3 MLB handicappers of the still young baseball season. These 3 guys are making their clients money at an amazing pace. It’s one of the reasons why we at Ride The Hot Hand don’t really understand why more people don’t follow baseball handicappers. Everyone wants to follow football handicappers. If it really is about making money, baseball handicappers crush their counterparts in every way. Don’t take our word for it. Look at the numbers thus far. Click on the handicapper to go to their picks page. 


T.J. Pemberton


T.J. Pemberton is 114-76 on the season (60%) and has won his clients over 26 grand.

05-31-16Rays v. Royals +111Top5-10Win111
05-31-16Giants -128 v. BravesTop4-0Win100
05-31-16Nationals v. Phillies UNDER 7Top5-1Win105
05-31-16Padres v. Mariners -1.5Top4-16Win117
05-30-16Nationals v. Phillies UNDER 7.5Top4-3Win101
05-29-16Dodgers -1.5 v. MetsTop4-2Win100
05-29-16Giants -148 v. RockiesTop8-3Win100
05-29-16Phillies v. Cubs UNDER 10Top2-7Win100
05-29-16Red Sox -135 v. Blue JaysTop5-3Win100
05-28-16Twins v. Mariners -154Top6-5Loss-154
05-27-16Marlins -130 v. BravesTop2-4Loss-130
05-27-16Dodgers v. Mets -1.5Top5-6Loss-100
05-27-16Cardinals v. Nationals -1.5Top6-2Loss-100
05-27-16Red Sox v. Blue Jays -123Top5-7Win100
05-27-16Phillies +1.5 v. CubsTop2-6Loss-100
05-26-16Marlins -109 v. RaysTop9-1Win100
05-25-16Blue Jays v. Yankees -104Top8-4Loss-104
05-25-16Angels v. Rangers -119Top9-15Win100
05-25-16Royals -108 v. TwinsTop5-7Loss-108
05-25-16Cubs -170 v. CardinalsTop9-8Win100
05-25-16Phillies v. Tigers UNDER 8.5Top8-5Loss-115
05-25-16Mets -104 v. NationalsTop2-0Win100
05-24-16Cubs -103 v. CardinalsTop12-3Win100
05-24-16Blue Jays v. Yankees -125Top0-6Win100
05-24-16Mets v. Nationals -156Top4-7Win100
05-23-16Mets v. Nationals -145Top7-1Loss-145
05-23-16Royals -130 v. TwinsTop10-4Win100
05-23-16Phillies v. Tigers UNDER 8.5Top4-5Loss-100
05-22-16Blue Jays -161 v. TwinsTop3-1Win100
05-21-16Yankees -123 v. A’sTop5-1Win100
05-21-16Braves v. Phillies UNDER 8.5Top2-0Win100
05-21-16Blue Jays -160 v. TwinsTop3-5Loss-160
05-20-16Diamondbacks v. Cardinals -1.5Top11-7Loss-100
05-20-16Blue Jays -121 v. TwinsTop9-3Win100
05-20-16Nationals -125 v. MarlinsTop4-1Win100
05-20-16Braves v. Phillies -1.5Top7-1Loss-100
05-20-16Braves v. Phillies UNDER 7.5Top7-1Loss-120
05-19-16Yankees -113 v. A’sTop4-1Win100
05-19-16Giants -140 v. PadresTop3-1Win100
05-19-16Rockies v. Cardinals -137Top7-13Win100
05-19-16Nationals -112 v. MetsTop9-1Win100
05-19-16Mariners v. Orioles -108Top7-2Loss-108
05-18-16Giants -1.5 v. PadresTop2-1Loss-100
05-18-16Yankees -1.5 v. DiamondbacksTop4-2Win126
05-18-16Marlins v. Phillies UNDER 8Top2-4Win100
05-17-16Rangers -118 v. A’sTop5-8Loss-118
05-17-16Red Sox -130 v. RoyalsTop4-8Loss-130
05-17-16Twins v. Tigers -121Top2-7Win100
05-17-16Nationals -107 v. MetsTop0-2Loss-107
05-17-16Marlins v. Phillies UNDER 7.5Top1-3Win100
05-17-16Rays v. Blue Jays -147Top12-2Loss-147
05-16-16Marlins v. Phillies +124Top5-3Loss-100
05-16-16Braves v. Pirates -1.5Top5-8Win122
05-15-16Giants +131 v. DiamondbacksTop2-1Win131
05-15-16Mets v. Rockies UNDER 10Top3-4Win100
05-15-16Reds v. Phillies -107Top9-4Loss-107
05-14-16Mets v. Rockies UNDER 11.5Top4-7Win100
05-14-16Reds v. Phillies -165Top3-4Win100
05-14-16Braves v. Royals -1.5Top5-0Loss-100
05-14-16Pirates v. Cubs -1.5Top2-8Win100
05-13-16White Sox -144 v. YankeesTop7-1Win100
05-13-16Reds v. Phillies -116Top2-3Win100
05-13-16Pirates v. Cubs -133Top4-9Win100
05-12-16Phillies v. Braves UNDER 7Top7-4Loss-105
05-11-16Padres v. Cubs -1.5Top1-0Loss-100
05-11-16Phillies +104 v. BravesTop1-5Loss-100
05-11-16Phillies v. Braves UNDER 7.5Top1-5Win100
05-11-16Orioles -108 v. TwinsTop9-2Win100
05-10-16Mets -113 v. DodgersTop2-3Loss-113
05-10-16Phillies v. Braves UNDER 7.5Top3-2Win100
05-10-16Royals v. Yankees -1.5Top7-10Win121
05-09-16Mets -114 v. DodgersTop4-2Win100
05-09-16White Sox v. Rangers -108Top8-4Loss-108
05-09-16Indians -122 v. AstrosTop1-7Loss-122
05-09-16Pirates -124 v. RedsTop2-3Loss-124
05-08-16Red Sox +112 v. YankeesTop5-1Win112
05-08-16Mets -148 v. PadresTop4-3Win100
05-08-16Phillies v. Marlins UNDER 7.5Top6-5Loss-115
05-07-16Twins v. White Sox -1.5Top2-7Win108
05-07-16Nationals v. Cubs -132Top5-8Win100
05-06-16Twins v. White Sox UNDER 8.5Top4-10Loss-100
05-06-16Phillies v. Marlins UNDER 7Top4-6Loss-100
05-06-16Rangers v. Tigers UNDER 8.5Top5-1Win100
05-06-16Red Sox v. Yankees UNDER 7.5Top2-3Win100
05-06-16Dodgers v. Blue Jays UNDER 8Top2-5Win102
05-06-16Nationals v. Cubs -104Top6-8Win100
05-05-16Phillies v. Cardinals UNDER 7Top0-4Win100
05-04-16Phillies +150 v. CardinalsTop4-5Loss-100
05-04-16Red Sox v. White Sox -114Top5-2Loss-114
05-04-16Mariners -115 v. A’sTop9-8Win100
05-04-16Nationals -1.5 v. RoyalsTop13-2Win120
05-04-16Giants -120 v. RedsTop4-7Loss-120
05-03-16Diamondbacks v. Marlins -106Top4-7Win100
05-03-16Cubs -1.5 v. PiratesTop7-1Win100
05-03-16Tigers +117 v. IndiansTop3-7Loss-100
05-02-16Rockies v. Padres +102Top1-2Win102
05-02-16Phillies +1.5 v. CardinalsTop3-10Loss-151
05-02-16Giants -149 v. RedsTop9-6Win100
05-02-16Cubs +107 v. PiratesTop7-2Win107
05-01-16Yankees +1.5 v. Red SoxTop7-8Win100




Johnny Wynn

Johnny Wynn hasn’t picked a ton of games this baseball season but he is hitting on all cylinders. Wynn has gone 61-39 (61%) and won his clients over 22 grand.

05-31-16Twins -105 v. A’sTop4-7Loss-105
05-31-16Nationals -104 v. Phillies5-1Win100
05-30-16Rangers v. Indians -1.59-2Loss-100
05-30-16Cardinals v. Brewers +112Top6-0Loss-100
05-30-16Red Sox -102 v. Orioles7-2Win100
05-29-16Padres +104 v. DiamondbacksTop3-6Loss-100
05-29-16Yankees -105 v. Rays2-1Win100
05-29-16Red Sox v. Blue Jays +1405-3Loss-100
05-28-16Yankees -103 v. RaysTop5-9Loss-103
05-28-16Red Sox +112 v. Blue Jays9-10Loss-100
05-27-16Astros -114 v. AngelsTop2-7Loss-114
05-27-16Dodgers +102 v. Mets5-6Loss-100
05-26-16Cardinals +124 v. NationalsTop1-2Loss-100
05-25-16Diamondbacks +109 v. Pirates4-5Loss-100
05-24-16Orioles v. Astros +1032-3Win103
05-24-16Royals v. Twins +113Top7-4Loss-100
05-23-16Indians +106 v. White Sox6-7Loss-100
05-23-16Rays v. Marlins -128Top6-7Win100
05-22-16Yankees -117 v. A’s5-4Win100
05-22-16Indians +110 v. Red SoxTop2-5Loss-100
05-21-16Dodgers v. Padres +139Top2-3Win139
05-21-16Rangers v. Astros -1492-1Loss-149
05-20-16Yankees v. A’s OVER 7.58-3Win100
05-20-16Indians -110 v. Red SoxTop4-2Win100
05-19-16Yankees +108 v. A’s4-1Win108
05-19-16Nationals -118 v. MetsTop9-1Win100
05-18-16Dodgers -104 v. Angels1-8Loss-104
05-18-16Rays +107 v. Blue Jays6-3Win107
05-17-16Nationals +116 v. MetsTop0-2Loss-100
05-17-16Mariners +113 v. Orioles10-0Win113
05-16-16Rangers +107 v. A’sTop1-3Loss-100
05-16-16Yankees +103 v. Diamondbacks2-12Loss-100
05-15-16Reds +100 v. PhilliesTop9-4Win100
05-15-16Astros -110 v. Red Sox9-10Loss-110
05-14-16Cardinals -104 v. DodgersTop3-5Loss-104
05-14-16A’s v. Rays UNDER 8Top0-6Win100
05-14-16Twins v. Indians -1.56-3Loss-100
05-13-16White Sox -138 v. Yankees7-1Win100
05-13-16Reds +114 v. PhilliesTop2-3Loss-100
05-12-16Padres +125 v. Brewers3-0Win125
05-12-16Phillies -127 v. BravesTop7-4Win100
05-11-16Indians -110 v. AstrosTop3-5Loss-110
05-11-16Padres +212 v. Cubs7-4Win212
05-10-16Cardinals +114 v. AngelsTop8-1Win114
05-10-16Tigers v. Nationals -1615-4Loss-161
05-09-16Diamondbacks v. Rockies -132Top10-5Loss-132
05-09-16Royals v. Yankees -1183-6Win100
05-08-16Diamondbacks -136 v. Braves5-3Win100
05-08-16Phillies v. Marlins -103Top6-5Loss-103
05-07-16Diamondbacks +121 v. Braves4-2Win121
05-07-16Brewers +103 v. RedsTop13-7Win103
05-07-16 Athletics -114 v. Orioles8-4Win100
05-06-16Royals v. Indians -1341-7Win100
05-05-16Nationals +138 v. Cubs2-5Loss-100
05-05-16Diamondbacks v. Marlins UNDER 80-4Win100
05-04-16Red Sox -101 v. White SoxTop5-2Win100
05-04-16Angels -129 v. Brewers7-3Win100
05-03-16Diamondbacks v. Marlins -1064-7Win100
05-03-16Tigers v. Indians -1173-7Win100
05-02-16Rockies -111 v. PadresTop1-2Loss-111
05-02-16Giants -150 v. Reds9-6Win100
05-01-16Royals v. Mariners -135Top4-1Loss-135
04-30-16Nationals +120 v. CardinalsTop6-1Win120
04-30-16Tigers v. Twins UNDER 8.54-1Win100
04-29-16Royals v. Mariners -1530-1Win100
04-29-16Nationals -134 v. CardinalsTop5-4Win100
04-28-16Marlins v. Dodgers -116Top5-3Loss-116
04-28-16White Sox v. Orioles -1202-10Win100
04-27-16Pirates +102 v. RockiesTop9-8Win102
04-26-16Indians +110 v. Twins5-6Loss-100
04-26-16White Sox -125 v. Blue JaysTop10-1Win100
04-25-16Royals v. Angels UNDER 7.5Top1-6Win100
04-25-16Orioles +120 v. Rays0-2Loss-100
04-24-16Mariners +115 v. AngelsTop9-4Win115
04-24-16Indians -125 v. Tigers6-3Win100
04-23-16Marlins -110 v. GiantsTop2-7Loss-110
04-22-16Indians +111 v. TigersTop2-1Win111
04-21-16Tigers v. Royals -150Top0-4Win100
04-20-16Pirates v. Padres -105Top2-8Win100
04-19-16Angels v. White Sox -1160-5Win100
04-19-16Tigers v. Royals UNDER 8Top6-8Loss-100
04-18-16Cubs -111 v. CardinalsTop5-0Win100
04-17-16Diamondbacks -114 v. PadresTop7-3Win100
04-16-16Brewers v. Pirates -149Top0-5Win100
04-15-16White Sox -113 v. RaysTop1-0Win100
04-13-16Giants -101 v. Rockies6-10Loss-101
04-13-16White Sox -106 v. TwinsTop3-0Win100
04-12-16Rangers +116 v. Mariners8-0Win116
04-12-16Padres v. Phillies +101Top0-3Win101
04-10-16Padres v. Rockies UNDER 113-6Win100
04-10-16Rangers -101 v. Angels1-3Loss-101
04-09-16Rangers +106 v. AngelsTop4-1Win106
04-08-16A’s v. Mariners -1453-2Loss-145
04-08-16Pirates -137 v. RedsTop6-5Win100
04-07-16Cubs v. Diamondbacks OVER 914-6Win100
04-06-16White Sox v. A’s -1271-2Win100
04-06-16Red Sox v. Indians -1316-7Win100
04-05-16Giants -130 v. Brewers2-1Win100
04-04-16Dodgers v. Padres OVER 6Top15-0Win100
04-04-16Mariners +114 v. Rangers2-3Loss-100


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