Chip Chirimbes Is BANKING!

chip chirimbesChip Chirimbes has been handicapping a long time. He has been a professional handicapper for going on 40 years. During that time he has been one of the most respected men in the industry. Respect comes in the form of wins and losses and Chip wins a lot. With that said we are seeing him do things handicapping basketball this season that has taken it to a whole new level. It’s not often a handicapper has the kind of basketball run Chip Chirimbes is on. Doing well in the NBA or College basketball over a full season is quite a feat. Being in the Top 5 in both at the same time this late in the season is so rare it’s almost unheard of. Chip has always been one of the best in the business no matter what sports season. During football season we always recommend our readers follow Chip. BUT THIS….. This is INSANE STUFF! Let’s go through some numbers.

  • Chip is currently #5 on the the Top NBA Handicappers list
  • Chip is 130-109 this NBA season, a win percentage of 55%
  • A $100 a game bettor has made $1,524,  $300 a game- $4,572,  $500 a game – $7,620,  $1,000 a game bettor has made $15,240
  • Chip is currently #2 on the Top College Basketball Handicappers list
  • Chip is 95-63 this College Basketball season, a win percentage of 60%
  • a $100 a game bettor has made $2,739,  $300 a game-  $8,217, $500 a game-  $13,695, $1,000 a game bettor has made $27,390
  • Combined profit for nickel bettor is $21,315. Dime bettors have pulled in $42,630!!!!!

With 6 weeks remaining in the college basketball season and over 3 months of NBA it’s not too late to jump on the Chip Chirimbes band wagon. People have been taking full advantage of his NBA and College Basketball FULLY GUARANTEED 3 pack best bet winners for only $79. You can also get single games for under $50. We highly recommend if you are a serious bettor to be his season subscriptions for under $500.

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