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Top Rated Handicappers – Best Handicappers in the World

We review dozens of handicappers and there are always new experts arriving on the scene. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits all handicapper. Each highly rated expert has strengths and weaknesses which is why we created the now legendary free RideTheHotHand email newsletter where we TELL you which capper and which play gives you the best chance of success every day. Nonetheless, there are some constants and if you choose to follow a single handicapper or a select few handicappers. We have compiled our list of the top 10 handicappers based on a mix of long-term results, recent success and big game/big money winners. Excellence in football and basketball are weighed heavier than hockey and baseball numbers. Below is the definitive list of the world’s best sports handicappers.

UPDATED Top 10 Handicappers for 2018


10. Johnny BanksYou ever meet someone who simply seems to always get “lucky”? Well, Banks is that PLUS a ton of knowledge and an almost uncanny ability to dominate in football betting. Year after year Johnny banks DESTROYS Vegas and he GUARANTEES all his picks. If you have read our site or signed up for our newsletter, we assume you buy picks from experts at least occasionally. If you are a serious player, it is almost comical to think you are not following Banks through NFL and NCAA, not to mention NBA, NCAA hoops, and MLB! Not sure what else to say except over the last decade Johnny Banks has been our Top Ranked Handicapper.

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9 John Martin John Martin has been a pro handicapper for 17 years but that’s not his job. His full-time job and overwhelming main source of income are as a big-time sports bettor. The same picks he releases to his clients, he’s betting more money than his clients. In the last 7 years, John has top 10 finishes in all 6 major sports leagues and in most, he has multiple top 10’s. Martin is number 9 on our list because when it comes to our money, he is not only one of the hardest working basketball handicappers but he is consistently one of the best basketball handicappers in the world. Since the beginning of 2016, John Martin has hit over 55% of his basketball releases (with an astonishing 1,600 picks released) and won his clients $110,000! All that in just basketball. WOW!

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8. Kyle HunterKyle Hunter is good…. REALLY GOOD. In the last 6 years, he can put his numbers up against anyone. Despite his successes, he hasn’t rested on his laurels. He’s still a grinder, looking for games with weak numbers to exploit. You can’t have his successes without mixing pure talent with extraordinary drive and work ethic. In his career, he has won handicapping titles in NFL, NHL and NCAAB along with a #2 finish in College Football. When we update this list Kyle Hunter is always a constant because he’s ALWAYS worthy of a slot. In the last 6 years, Kyle has won his clients over $130,000. In the last year alone he’s hit 55% for over 45 grand. Kyle Hunter is the definition of consistency.

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7. Jack JonesJack Jones has been in the game for a long time and it takes a true professional to keep the edge and drive it takes to be one of the best handicappers day in and day out. Sometimes even we are guilty of not giving Jack the credit he deserves. When it comes to handicapping basketball, Jack Jones has few peers and his numbers don’t lie. In the last 10 years, Jones has 13 top 10 money finishes between NBA and College Basketball. How do all those top 10 finishes translate to your pocket? In the last 5 years, Jones numbers are equal to $140,000 for dime bettors. Once fall and winter rolls around Jack is a must follow.

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6. Alex SmartAlex Smart is on a two-year hot streak that just won’t end. In the last 2 years, Smart has hit on 54% of his picks and has won his loyal clients over $100,000. That’s a one hundred Grand in TWO YEARS! What an incredible run. Smarts’ bread and butter is NBA basketball and he crushes it like no other. In the last 3 NBA seasons, Smart has had a #1 finish and two #2 finishes on our top money winners list. That’s what happens when you hit 56% of your NBA plays in 3 straight seasons. Alex Smart is no one trick pony though as he has Top 5 Money Finishes in college basketball, college football, and NHL in the last 3 years.

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