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We review dozens of handicappers and there are always new experts arriving on the scene. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits all handicapper. Each highly rated expert has strengths and weaknesses which is why we created the now legendary free RideTheHotHand email newsletter where we TELL you which capper and which play gives you the best chance of success every day. Nonetheless, there are some constants and if you choose to follow a single handicapper or a select few handicappers. We have compiled our list of the top 10 handicappers based on a mix of long-term results, recent success and big game/big money winners. Excellence in football and basketball are weighed heavier than hockey and baseball numbers. Below is the definitive list of the world’s best sports handicappers.

UPDATED Top 10 Handicappers for 2022


10. Johnny BanksJohnny Banks is a professional handicapper like no other. Banks is like an old western gunfighter when it comes to the world of sportsbetting, he plays fast and loose shooting from the hip knowing the his skill will get him to where he needs to go. And where he eventually goes is to the winners circle as he ends losing streaks quickly and his hot streaks last for weeks at a time. If you like high volume betting no one bets more fast and loose than Banks as he is known for releasing sometimes as many as 20 picks a day in the fall months with an array of NFL, College Football, NBA and College Basketball picks. Banks is a 2 time sportscapping handicapping champion for a reason, he wins.

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9. John Martin John Martin has been a pro handicapper for 17 years but that’s not his job. His full-time job and overwhelming main source of income are as a big-time sports bettor. The same picks he releases to his clients, he’s betting more money than his clients. In the last 7 years, John has top 10 finishes in all 6 major sports leagues and in most, he has multiple top 10’s. Martin is number 9 on our list because when it comes to our money, he is not only one of the hardest working basketball handicappers but he is consistently one of the best basketball handicappers in the world. Since the beginning of 2016, John Martin has hit over 55% of his basketball releases (with an astonishing 1,600 picks released) and won his clients $110,000! All that in just basketball. WOW!

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8. Kyle HunterWe have been rating and reviewing sports handicappers for over 10 years and we consider Kyle Hunter on the Mt Rushmore of internet handicappers. In the last 10 years Hunter can put his sparkling resume up against anyone’s. In fact, since 2012 Hunter has made his clients a hard to believe $225,000 in winnings if you have been lucky enough to follow him for that long. To win that much money you have to be a jack of all trades and Hunter is truly special when you count how many different sports he has crushed over the years. In the last 10 years Hunter has won the All Around Handicapping Championship, The NFL, College Basketball and Major League Baseball Handicapping Championships. So if you are looking for a Sports Betting Handicapper that can win you money all year round look no further than the legend Kyle Hunter

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7. Calvin King – Calvin King is slowly becoming one of the most consistent winners in the handicapping world. Already known as one of the best basketball handicappers on the planet since 2017 King has taken his game to the next level as he has honed his skills and started winning in other sports such as Major League Baseball and making waves in the untapped market of tennis. King has been a dominant Tennis handicapper for the better part of two years now. King is known for releasing a high volume of picks so if you like multiple bets a day and some days even close to a dozen King is your man. Trust us he is a proven winner and if you commit to the long term you will not be disappointed.

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6. Totals Guru – Totals Guru is a freak of nature when it comes to handicapping and betting sports. He does one thing, and he does it better than anyone else. He finds weak totals and he exploits them! Guru had an outstanding 2021 betting season finishing 3rd in the Overall Sports Handicapping rankings making his followers a whopping $60 thousand dollars along the way. In 2022, Totals guru got off to a slow start but he is heating up as the warmer months have arrived and we suspect him to be near the top of the standings before 2022 is out. So, if you like betting totals, then Totals Guru is DEFINITELY your guy and will win you money.

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