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Should you bet the money line or the spread on small lines?

A useful guide to the question of whether or not to take the ML or the number. We examined historical data on spreads of 1.5 or less. Take the 5 minutes to read this rather than throwing away your money.


10 Signs You Might Suck At Sports Betting

A hilarious guide to mistakes squares make while placing bets. A must read for people who perceive themselves as smart bettors who just get “unlucky”.


10 NCAAF Home Field Advantages That Aren’t Cozy For Bettors

NCAA Football home field advantage isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. We spotlight 10 College Football powerhouse programs that don’t have as much success covering the number at home as you might think.


Football Betting Trends – Meaningful or HorseShit?

Many football bettors use betting trends to try to gain an advantage over the books. Are football betting trends a useful tool or a colossal waste of time?


NFL Records with Short and Long Rest

A look into every NFL team’s ATS record the last 3 seasons in terms of amount of rest. We look into ATS records after bye weeks, Monday night and Thursday night games.


5 Reasons To Use An NBA Handicapper

Before diving into the shark infested waters of NBA betting, check out why we believe you may be better served using the skills of a Top NBA Handicapper to grow your bankroll.


NCAA Giants vs Dwarfs – Who Covers More Often

The Top College Football programs in the country make their own out of conference schedules. It’s common place now to use small schools to pad records in September. How often do these big schools cover the outrageous lines these games produce?


NBA Stats To Study Before Betting

A quick look into a few NBA stats we find useful before placing a bet on an NBA game.


Which NFL Teams Are Making or Losing You Money

A quick look of which NFL teams have the best records against the spread and units won/lost by each team the last 4 seasons.


We Guarantee Football Betting Is King

Football is by far the most popular sport to bet on. We take a closer look of why that is and also give you some RideTheHotHand football guarantees.


A Great Sports Betting Service Has Transparency

A guide to what to look for before using a professional handicapping service.


Fading the Top NCAAB teams – A winning College Basketball Betting Strategy

A detailed guide on an early NCAA hoops betting strategy. We give reasons and data to back up this easy formula to make money on college basketball by fading the top 25 teams early on.


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