HOT NBA Handicappers

Handicapping NBA Playoff Basketball is a whole different animal from the regular season. During the regular season handicappers have to factor in travel, playing different teams every game, games on back to back nights and 3 road games in 4 days. In the playoffs the best NBA handicappers can lock in on the same 2 teams playing each other every other night and in the first round sometimes two days off between games. Coaching in a seven game series is more critical than ever and the adjustments that each team is going to make from game to game. Take the NBA Finals last year. The Cavaliers were undermanned but still almost took game 1, somehow found a way to win game 2 in Oakland before taking game 3 at home. Steve Kerr made a major adjustment to play small ball and the Cavs had no answer losing 3 in a row decisively. Just like you want your NBA team to be hot in the playoffs we like our handicappers to be hot during April and May when the stakes are at their highest. For a lot of people these are the last 2 months they seriously bet on sports before they take a break before football season. So the goal is to ride a hot handicapper and pad your bankroll as much as possible for the summer months. Our intention as these playoffs move on is to make sure everyone knows who the hot NBA playoff handicappers are from week to week because in the playoffs, just like a teams momentum in a series, it can change quickly. Click one of top NBA handicappers below to view their picks

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