Teddy Davis NBA Playoffs KING

Teddy Davis NBA Playoffs KING

Teddy Davis has been the best NBA Handicapper all season. Not only has he been the top NBA handicapper in terms of money made for clients this season, It’s not even close. His record this season is 190-130, hitting 60 percent of his picks. He’s made $300 a game bettors $15,192 on the season. If you’re a dime bettor he’s made them over 50 Grand! Number 2 on the list Ricky Tran has had an amazing season in his own right and if this were any other year he would of easily won the money title. This year though he is 12 thousand dollars behind Davis. Now that the playoffs are in the conference semifinals It’s time to make some real money for the summer. Here are Teddy’s playoff picks so far.

05-03-16Heat +4.5 v. Raptors102-96Win100
05-02-16Thunder +8 v. SpursTop98-97Win100
05-01-16Pacers v. Raptors -5.584-89Loss-105
05-01-16Hornets v. Heat -6Top73-106Win100
04-30-16Thunder +6.5 v. Spurs92-124Loss-105
04-29-16Clippers +10.5 v. Blazers103-106Win100
04-29-16Raptors v. Pacers -2Top83-101Win100
04-28-16Hawks -2 v. Celtics104-92Win100
04-27-16Blazers v. Clippers +3.5108-98Loss-110
04-27-16Hornets v. Heat -690-88Loss-105
04-26-16Celtics v. Hawks -783-110Win100
04-25-16Clippers -3 v. Blazers84-98Loss-115
04-24-16Cavs v. Pistons +6.5100-98Win100
04-24-16Hawks v. Celtics -295-104Win100
04-24-16Warriors v. Rockets +9.5121-94Loss-110
04-23-16Clippers v. Blazers +1.588-96Win100
04-23-16Heat v. Hornets -280-96Win100
04-23-16Raptors v. Pacers +283-100Win100
04-22-16Hawks v. Celtics -3Top103-111Win100
04-21-16Warriors v. Rockets +596-97Win100
04-21-16Raptors v. Pacers +1.5101-85Loss-102
04-20-16Pistons v. Cavs -1090-107Win100
04-20-16Hornets +5 v. Heat103-115Loss-105
04-18-16Pacers v. Raptors -787-98Win100
04-17-16Hornets +4.5 v. Heat91-123Loss-107
04-17-16Pistons +11 v. Cavs101-106Win100
04-16-16Celtics +5.5 v. Hawks101-102Win100

In the first 2+ weeks of the playoffs he hasn’t slowed down one bit. He’s even hitting at a higher rate than the regular season going 18-9 (67%) and made dime betting clients over 8 grand. If you aren’t following Teddy for your playoff picks you should be.

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