Top NBA Playoff Handicappers Week 2

Top NBA Playoff Handicappers Week 2

We don’t know about you but we are very happy the first round of the NBA playoffs was completed Sunday Night. That was probably the worst 1st round in years. The only really competitive series was the Clippers and Jazz and that’s only because it went 7 games.  In the East,The Celtics got off to a slow start but took 4 straight to close out Chicago. The Cavaliers swept the Pacers and the Wizards and Raptors won their series with relative ease and never looked in danger of not advancing. The West wasn’t much better with the Warriors sweeping, The Rockets taking down Russell Westbrook and the Thunder fairly easily. The Spurs showed some chinks in the armor against the Grizzlies but won in 6 and then The Jazz closed the books on the perpetual underachieving Clippers.

Round 2 will be way more interesting as the frauds have gone home and the highest seeded team left are the Jazz who are a 5 seed.  When it comes to our Top NBA Handicappers, the cream rises to the top in the Playoffs just like it does for the actual teams. When you catch a hot NBA handicapper in the Playoffs it can literally lead to 10’s of thousands of dollars. Last season our Top 5 playoff Handicappers combined to make over 80 grand in the playoffs alone. Therefore we are going to release the top Playoff cappers each week, which will hopefully help you catch one at the right time and make some money for the summer. Check back each week for updates.


Rank, Handicapper, Profit,  Win PCT ,W-L

1, Mr. East, $693,  88.9%, 8-1
2, Jeff Allen, $600 , 100.0%, 6-0
3, Larry Ness, $475,  72.7%, 8-3
4, ASA, $385 , 83.3%, 5-1
5 ,Dennis Macklin, $296, 80.0%, 4-1


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