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The NBA regular season is winding down and with 2 weeks to go there are still some questions to be answered in the playoff races and the race to be the 2015-2016 NBA Handicapping champ. First the playoff race. The Golden St Warriors are still chasing the Bulls all time win record of 72-10. For the Warriors to tie the mark they have to go 6-3 in their last 9 games, 7-2 to break it. Looking at their schedule it’s not going to be easy with their last 4 games against The Spurs and Memphis twice apiece. Obviously they have the number 1 seed all but locked up, the real race in the west is who is going to get that 8 seed between The Rockets, Jazz and Mavs and the first crack to knock off The Warriors. In the East, Cleveland is holding a slight lead over Toronto for the number 1 seed. Obviously The Cavs want home court advantage but we doubt Lebron is too worried with The Raptors having home court in the Eastern Conference Finals. At the bottom of the East race The Chicago Bulls are on life support trailing The Pacers. What a sad way for Derek Rose’s career to end in Chicago if they miss the playoffs. Let’s take a look at the Eastern/Western conference odds and the odds to win The 2016 NBA Finals. Click here for updated odds

Odds To Win The Eastern Conference


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Odds To Win The Western Conference

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Odds To Win The NBA Finals

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Ride The Hot Hand will have our futures predictions at the end of the regular season

The race for the The Top NBA Handicapper looked like a done deal about a month ago with Teddy Davis looking like a lock. Not so fast said Ricky Tran and Rocky’s Lock Club. Ricky Tran has been blazing the last month and Rocky’s has been slowly gaining ground over the last couple months. Let’s look at the numbers for each. Click on the capper for their picks/review page.

Teddy Davis

Davis has had a tremendous season from the start. He’s 146-107 on the season (57.7%) and has won his nickel betting clients $15,615 on the season. He has 1 full day of NBA games for $39.95 and the rest of his NBA season for a discounted price of $299.95.

Ricky Tran

Tran had an absolute blazing month of March going 37-17, raising his yearly totals to 127-88 (59.1%) and making his nickel betting clients over 14 grand. Get his 30 day all sports subscription for $349.95.

Rocky’s Lock Club

The Club doesn’t put out a ton of picks but they sure hit a lot of them. On the season they are 75-45 (62.5%) and have made their nickel a game bettors $13,600.

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