Teddy Davis Handicapper Review

Teddy Davis Handicapper Review

Who exactly is Teddy Davis? We’ll tell you who? Teddy Davis is currently the best basketball handicapper on Earth. Usually when we’re telling you about a basketball handicapper who is killing it, we’re talking about either the NBA or College Basketball. Rare has a handicapper been on a run in both sports at the same time. This guy is at the top of his game in both, doing things we haven’t seen in a long time. He is currently the number 1 college basketball handicapper and NBA handicapper. Let’s look at some numbers.

 2015-2016 Basketball Ranks

Year,Rank,Record,Win %,Profit
2015-16,#1 in NBA,212-141,60.1%,$6064
2015-16,#1 in CBB,156-106,59.5%,$4225
2015-16,#1 All BB,368-247,59.8%,$10289

All Sports Trends


Sport, W-L, Profit, Win Pct, Since
Basketball, 368-244, $10622, 60%, 2015-11-04
All Sports, 554-410, $10578, 57%, 2015-11-23
NBA, 212-138, $6397, 61%, 2015-11-04
NCAA-B, 133-81, $4587, 62%, 2016-01-07
MLB, 95-65, $2243, 59%, 2016-05-29
NFL, 20-12, $722, 63%, 2015-11-29
Football, 28-20, $655, 58%, 2015-11-28


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