Top 5 Handicappers To Follow During The 2018 NBA Playoffs

5 Handicappers To Follow During The 2018 NBA Playoffs

We hope that all of you have won some money during the NBA regular season because the 2018 NBA Playoffs are upon us and it’s time to crush the books. When it’s time to pick handicappers to follow during the playoffs there are a couple different things we look at. Obviously, a handicapper who has consistently picked winners since the beginning of season plays a big part in it but regular season success doesn’t automatically lead to postseason riches. Handicappers getting hot at the end season leading into the playoffs is more important than a capper who won early and faltered late. We also look for handicappers who have postseason success in the past and top NBA handicappers in years past who haven’t had the kind of season we all expected. That being said here are the 5 handicappers we suggest you follow during the 2018 NBA Playoffs to grow your bankroll even more. To go straight to all handicappers, plus premium and free picks CLICK HERE.

5. John Martin

You won’t find John Martin on many 2017-18 NBA leaderboards but that doesn’t mean he won’t be on this list. Martin is the defending NBA handicapping money winner after hitting 56% of his picks to the tune of over 40 grand in winnings for $1,000 a game bettors in 2016-17. Martin hasn’t fallen off the Earth as he is the current money leader for college basketball. We expect big things from John Martin in these playoffs.

4. Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen got off to a bad start this NBA season but we had no doubt he would be at the top of the leaderboards at this point of the season. Allen has been arguably the most consistent handicapper over the last couple months. In the last 30 days, Allen has been virtually unbeatable with a 19-5 record. In the last 2 months, Allen has hit 71 percent of his NBA picks and has won $15,250 for $1,000 a game bettors.

3. Ryan Worden

Ryan Worden’s first month of the NBA season was a handicapper’s nightmare. That 4-14 start to the season put him behind the 8-ball. Well, he has fought his way back nicely. Since those first 18 picks Worden has hit an incredible 55% of his games and won $1,000 a game bettors over 25 grand. Ryan Worden is also going into the playoffs as hot as anyone hitting over 56% of his picks for 2 consecutive months. Look for Ryan Worden to crush the playoffs.

2. Bobby Conn

After hovering around .500% for the first half of the season Bobby Conn has been the second-best handicapper the second half. Conn is not only a bookie smashing 141-111 on the season, he has been at or near the top of the leaderboards each of the last 3 months.

1. Jack Jones

Who was going to be #1 on this list was never really a doubt. Jack Jones has been hands down the best NBA handicapper this season from start to finish. It’s not hard to see when you look at the money leaderboard. Jones is 153-105 on the season, good for a mind blowing 59.3% success rate and winning $1,000 a game bettors an eye opening $41,950 on the season.

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