John Martin Handicapper Review

John Martin Handicapper Review

               John Martin has been handicapping for the better part of 15 years as a 2nd job. His main line of work is a sports bettor. You know when you follow a guy like John Martin you are getting his best. The same picks you’re getting he’s also betting on and in most cases betting more than you. The techniques John uses includes player and coaching matchups, trends, injuries, ATS records, and basically any angle that he can take advantage of that the average bettor just can’t see. He stresses money management and uses a 1-5 star rating on his picks so his clients can stick to strict money managing. He stresses that if you stick to his system you will make money and a lot of it. He is a firm believer of writing detailed analysis of all of his plays to make his clients feel comfortable before they place their own wager that he spent many hours studying each game.

               John is good in all sports evidenced by his 2013 5 place finish in all sports though he doesn’t release many hockey bets. In the last 5 years he has a top 6 finish in MLB, NBA, NCAAB, and NCAAF. NFL hasn’t really been his strongest of late but it’s probably a matter of time before that changes. Though his NFL totals record is over 60 percent since 2011. If you follow handicappers in individual sports we recommend you without a doubt follow John in NCAAF and MLB. He’s been stellar in both over the years. He has a 2nd place NCAAF finish as recently as 2012 after going 136-109 and his Top Premium NCAAF sides has hit at rate of 58 percent since that 2012 season. He has an uncanny knack to pick MLB underdogs so his win pct may not be the best but the money made handicapping baseball has been outstanding. His MLB run line record has been hitting at almost 60% since 2008. If you really want to make some money following John Martin you can get every one of his picks for a full year for under a grand. For the results he produces, that price is a steal.

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