Ben Burns Handicapper Review

Ben Burns Handicapper Review

Ben Burns has been publicly handicapping games for almost 2 decades and has been one of the best in the business for a long time. He pays particular attention to what he calls “situational betting”, looking for teams with extra motivation or ones that are going to have a letdown and fall into a trap game. He releases his games on a 5-10 star scale showing the amount of confidence he has in each pick. He routinely releases his favorite of the day, the dog of the day, the game of the week and “best of the best” which is code for HAMMER this pick. Burns is well known as a TOTALS Expert, hitting The OVER/UNDER more than anyone in the business. You will routinely see him siding against the public, He’s not purposely trying to do it but after his “situational thinking” on a game is complete that’s the way it turns out.


In 2014 Ben Burns had an amazing year, finishing as the # 4 handicapper in all sports going an astounding 760-570 for every pick he released. If you followed Ben the entire year you’d be a very happy man at the moment. His dime bettors made $60,000 last year. Even if you only bet $100 a game an extra 6 grand last year would have been fantastic. He has 14 documented top 10 finishes since 2009 including 4 in the NBA alone. The 2012 and 2013 NHL seasons he had a documented record of 294-165 record. That’s winning at a mind-blowing 64% clip. We at recommend you buy Ben Burns’ year-round sports subscriptions. You won’t be disappointed.

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