A Great Sports Betting Service Has Transparency

A Great Sports Betting Service Has Transparency

Sports betting is big business. If you combine the legal sports gambling industry, the Illegal underground gambling operations and the unregulated online betting websites some experts say that close to a trillion dollars is bet worldwide on sports annually. It’s always been big business in the United States but it is currently exploding as more money than ever is being bet. The problem bettors have is only a few states offer some form of sports gambling and betting online is not completely legal. If you combine the totally Illegal underground sportsbooks and the offshore websites, about 80 percent of the money that is bet on sports in the United States is bet illegally. NBA commissioner Adam Silver became an unexpected supporter of legalizing sports gambling in 2014 when he wrote an op ed piece for the NY Times, saying in the article that there is 400 million dollars bet illegally every year in the United States. That number seems a little on the high side for many experts (no one can really know the true number) but his point was clear though , He was all in for making sports gambling legal so it could be regulated and all those billions of dollars would stay in the American economy instead of lining the pockets of offshore books, as well as legal betting would bring even more viewers to NBA telecasts. But the key word he used and the keywords for this article is regulation.and transparency. According to Silver that “regulation must include “mandatory monitoring and reporting of unusual betting-line movements; a licensing protocol to ensure betting operators are legitimate; minimum-age verification measures; geo-blocking technology to ensure betting is available only where it is legal; mechanisms to identify and exclude people with gambling problems; and education about responsible gaming” For the federal government to allow states to have legalized gambling they have to make sure everything is on the up and up and everyone gets their money.

As gambling becomes more mainstream the handicapper or “tout” services have started to see a major upswing in popularity as well. Like the unregulated sports betting websites, many of the so called guaranteed handicapper services are also not regulated. Anyone can build a website and call themselves a professional handicapper, claim to win 70 percent of their picks and start charging people for their “insider knowledge”. These 1-800 handicapper hacks give real, hard working, full time handicappers a bad name and leads to the prevailing falsity that all sports handicappers are full of shit. These fake handicappers can pop up anywhere and if a person gets scammed they usually will never try another handicapping service thinking all services are scams. Well obviously that’s not true, there are a few reputable handicapper services out there that actually do what they advertise.

We’ve noticed over the years people usually only seek out professional handicapper advice for one or two reasons. The first reason is not a pretty. Sports betting like anything else can be fun in moderation and with proper money management. If abused it can lead to major issues. People get in way over their head, start betting too much or make bets they can’t cover and have no other way out than to make more bets attempting to fix the issue. It’s the “just get me back to even” thinking. They hope and pray that a professional can give them 1 or 2 bets to get them out of hot water, even though it doesn’t work like that because the best handicappers still lose 4 out of 10 times. The other more popular reason someone goes to a guaranteed handicapping service is to use the service as a business opportunity to slowly make more money. These bettors usually have a set bankroll (no matter how big or small) that they are willing to risk. They try and find 1 to 3 really good handicappers and they follow them closely making all bets released by the capper and using strict money management to grow their bankroll over time. Many of these people start out by asking the question, “where do I find legit handicappers and who has the best handicapping service?”

The best handicapping services are clearly the ones that are 100 percent transparent with their handicappers and release all of their results win or lose. We googled “Best Handicapping Service” and on the first 3 pages of results we found no less than 6 services that promise big wins and show their handicappers’ stellar records with no little or no proof at all that these guys are winning as much as they claim. On these sites unless you buy all the picks and keep track of the win/loss records yourself you really don’t know if they are telling you the truth or blowing smoke up your ass as they charge your debit card. You have to take their word for it and who wants to take the word of someone you’ve never met with your hard earned money, without at least a little proof of results. The majority of sites don’t show all the premium picks the cappers release once the the games have started. Ask yourself something, why wouldn’t a handicapping service show you all the premium picks even after the game has started? The answer is simple, they want to be able to display fake win/loss records and even if you are paying close attention you can’t prove them wrong. When a game has started a customer or potential customer should be able to see the premium pick immediately so they can not only get accurate win/loss records but get a feel for a handicapper’s style before they invest their money on future picks and packages. It gets really suspicious when website claims every handicapper on the site is hitting over 55%-60% of their picks but there is no data to confirm or refute those claims. At the end of the day this is a results driven business and we wouldn’t give our money to someone without seeing those results in real time.


At RideTheHotHand we decided enough was enough. We looked long and hard for the best handicapping service around because we only do business with the best. We wanted to be involved with a handicapping service that is 100 percent transparent and regulated. We didn’t want to work with anyone who just tells you about their results but a service that shows you in real time, game by game, win or lose. Our top rated handicappers are 100 percent transparent and each and every pick is posted during and after the game for everyone to see. Also, all picks and packages on our handicapper service are guaranteed to show a profit or the customer receives website credit for the amount spent. The service we provide to our readers is hands down the best out there. We cater to all sports bettors but while conducting our business we think of the 2 different kinds of bettors we mentioned earlier. We don’t wish the perceived bad luck followed by bad decisions of the first kind of customer on anyone. We strongly encourage everyone strive to be the second kind of bettor who smartly and informatively use our guaranteed handicapping services to slowly grow their bank account over time. There is a ton of money to be made following the right handicappers but if you go into it looking for a quick score most likely you will be disappointed. A successful handicapper/customer relationship could net a person an extra 2 to 10 thousand dollars a year for small money bettors and 10 to 50 thousand a year for big money bettors. Either way we hitched our wagons to the Best handicapping service out there and we also decided to review and rate every single handicapper, so no matter the reason you decide to buy sports picks you can choose which one ACTUALLY gives you a better shot to win and not one who just claims they do. All results are computerized and the handicappers profit to date, win/loss records, win percentage and average odds are displayed for all to see. We want our readers to have 100 percent confidence that whenever they go buy a single pick or a picks package they know beforehand who is doing well over the long and short term. On the flip side we also want to give our readers something no else does and that’s telling you who is on a cold streak and who they might want to steer clear from. When we rate our handicappers and give our recommendations we think about the guy who got in a little bit over his head and for some reason thinks 1 bet can cure all his problems. We will be the first to tell anyone that is a bad idea, but if someone is going to make that bad decision we want them to have as much truthful information as possible to pick a handicapper that gives them the best chance to be successful.

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