Soccer Premium Betting Picks

Soccer Premium Betting Picks

Soccer is a tough sport to win money betting on, especially for Americans because we don’t watch a lot of soccer. Just the different rules of how to bet on the games can be dizzying for novice American bettors because there is no push. Soccer is mainly a money line betting sport like baseball and hockey except unlike baseball there are ties and unlike hockey, you don’t get a push if there is a tie. To be able to bet on either team or a draw brings a whole new element to betting. With three different scenarios, it can harder to pick the winning outcome but the payout is more lucrative for getting it right. This leads to even die-hard soccer fans not wanting to risk their money betting it.

That’s where our Top Rated Soccer Handicappers come in. We only have a handful of what we consider top soccer handicappers because not everyone can do it and these guys are good. To the best soccer handicapper, you really have to work at it, day in day out or you will go broke. But these guys are still here making money year after year, and we’re here to tell you it’s definitely worth giving them a shot.

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