10 Signs You Might Suck at Sports Betting

Top 10 Signs You Might Suck at Betting Sports

1. You log into your SportsBook account 5-10x in a day, wagering every time.

Long term winners are selective. Make a plan and stick to it. Think of profits in terms of months not days. If you have a plan for betting second half lines, you might be an exception. But make no mistake – you would be the exception.

2. You consistently lay -1.5 on MLB or NHL

The biggest winners generally stick to money lines and look for + even bets. The players and coaches don’t care about the meaningless run or goal and you shouldn’t either. This isn’t NFL where games are decided by about 5 pts on average.

3. If there are no favorites you “like”, you move on to totals

It’s not that smart money always favors the underdog, it’s that you should see value on both sides pretty regularly or you simply aren’t looking for the right signs. In NFL, popular, high scoring teams are often overbet.

4. Television scheduling is a factor

Once you make the decision to treat sports handicapping like an investment, entertainment value is just an occasional bonus for a really fun “job”.

5. You split 10’s in blackjack

Pigs get slaughtered. Take profit.

6. You overvalue the importance of injuries

The oddsmakers are very well aware that Aaron Rodgers is injured or JJ Watt won’t play. Thinking there is value in a line because of injury is generally folly. Same goes for weather. These factors are built into the line. Unless you know something about weather patterns that isn’t widely published, or injuries, you have no advantage.

7. You follow team related ATS trends

Players change. Placing bets based on uniforms is stupid.

8. Your largest wagers are consistently on teams with the best W/L records

You don’t have to be be a contrarian…well…you sort of do. The very best don’t follow the sheep…

9. You bet NCAAF teasers….ever

The math just doesn’t work. Too much variance in totals and margin of victory too large. We have a piece coming with some numbers to support it but here is an old story for reference: “Guy calls bookie on Saturday night at 8:00. Bookie says he is done for the day. Guy says ‘Aww..too bad I wanted a teaser’. Bookie says ‘hang on let me get a pen’.

10. You use handicappers without long term records posted…

If you can’t see a handicappers record, just move on. Look at how they bet and make sure it’s legit. Sportscapping.com is very solid and 100% accurate in their record keeping;



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