Doc Sports Handicapper Review

Doc Sports Handicapper Review

               If you don’t know about Doc’s Sports Service you’ve been living under a rock. They have offices in Las Vegas, Reno and Wisconsin and have been handicapping sports since 1971. To be in business for almost 50 years you have to be able to win on a consistent basis year after year which they have done with flying colors. They have a team of experts and full time handicappers all over the country who provide expert analysis of the games they pick and make sure their huge following know the time and effort they put into that pick. They love looking for the lesser known teams and less popular games. In these games they can exploit numbers that aren’t where they should be as the public and therefore Vegas puts more time in “marquee” matchups. Docs is about making money, not providing picks on games everyone wants to watch. They have experts in all the major sports whose only objective is to find and exploit these numbers so that Docs can produce winners to their followers all year round. To make money in this business you have to gain the trust of your clients and Docs believe their vast network of experts is what sets them apart from the rest of the professional handicappers and makes their picks some of the most sought out ones in handicapping.

                Docs uses a 1-10 star rating system with 1* being a lean, 2-5* a guaranteed $25 play, 6-9* plays that win at a 60% clip and their incredible 10* plays that are rarely released and rarely loses. Their recent documented plays have been consistently great. In MLB they have been hitting in the mid to high 50% range years with 2014 being very lucrative as they finished 4th hitting almost 60% in 300 games picked. In hockey they are also routinely at the top of the pack but we at loves and recommend them in college sports. This is where their knack for exploiting lesser teams and games is deadly. In NCAA basketball you would be hard pressed to find someone better. If you look at the top of the leaderboard every year, if they aren’t number 1 you don’t have to look too far to find them. In college football they not only have their Big Ten game of the year which is legendary for being a lock  but have consistent top 10 finishes. If they have a weakness lately it’s pro football and basketball but with the talent they have at Doc Sports it’s just a matter of time before they are back on top in those sports also. If you want to make some money follow Doc Sports and sit back and watch your bankroll grow.

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