Freddy Wills Handicapper Review

Freddy Wills Handicapper Review

               Freddy Wills makes his money betting on sports first and foremost. He’s been betting and making some serious cash for himself for the last decade. In 2008 he decided to make his plays public and people in the betting world are glad he did. Since he’s been documented he has a long list of top 5 finishes in multiple sports. When he was in college he developed his own sophisticated algorithms and formulas that allowed him to predict winners on a consistent basis. Since then he has honed his skills even more to keep the winners coming. His clients not only receive his plays they receive in depth analysis and reasoning on those plays. That gives his clients the confidence that he did his homework and they can make their own bet with the confidence that his money is on the line with theirs. He ranks his plays on 1-5 star scale. His play of the day  are in the 3-5* range and he stresses strict money management to his followers. $100 per unit bettors should always bet between $100 and $500, his $1,000 never bet over $5,000. If you stick with it he guarantees your bankroll will grow.

               If you buy Freddy’s 1 year package he guarantees you a profit and has two documented 3rd place finishes in all sports over a full year. In recent years though his NBA and NHL numbers haven’t been up to his high standards so buying a full subscription to these sports should be done with caution. From July 2011 through the 2014 MLB season his MLB money picks have hit 55% over 700 plays, that is phenomenal. His top 3-5* plays have been hitting Over 55% in all sports since 2012. We recommend you don’t miss out on following him during football season. His NCAA football plays are as good as money in the bank. In 2009 and 2011 he finished #1 both years hitting 59.4% and 62.6% respectively. That’s right 62%! Sandwiched in between those years all he did was go 51-32 during the 2010 NFL season. He’s gone on to prove those seasons weren’t a fluke. In the 2013 and 2014 NCAAF seasons he went a combined 158-126 (55.5%) and made his clients some serious cash. He also went 36-29 during the 2014 NFL season. Hopefully he can get hot on his top NFL picks. From 2012 -2014 his top NFL plays have gone 54-60.

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