Jim Feist Handicapper Review

Jim Feist Handicapper Review

               Jim Feist has been wagering and handicapping on sports since the 70’s. When it comes to experience he has tons. It seems that everyone wants a piece of that experience  He runs Pro Line, one of the best and longest running handicapping shows. He co authored “The Complete Guide To Football Betting” He writes for numerous websites, magazines, newspapers and blogs. Basically if someone wants insight from a top sports handicapper he’s one their first calls. Through his 40’s years of handicapping he has gained a vast amount of contacts in the world of sports wagering. When it’s time to pick winners it helps to have people opening your eyes to angles that may not have seen at first glance.

               Jim can pick winners i many different sports with his best season being 2009 when he finished 4th in all sports. Some more recent accomplishments is he went 201-170 in the 2013 NHL season and  hit 57% of NHL totals between January 2012 and April 2015. His Top basketball and MLB plays have routinely hit over 55% lately. We recommend If you’re thinking about following Jim Feist try one of his NHL or MLB season subscriptions. He consistently brings profits in those sports year after year.

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