2018 NFC Win Totals And Predictions


Dallas Cowboys

2017 Preseason Win Total  9.5   2017 Record  9-7

2018 Win Total  8.5

Prediction – UNDER 8.5

The Dallas Cowboys are going a whole new direction and that direction is trying to win by playing 1990’s NFC East football. With Dez Bryant gone they have no real receiving threat and with Jason Witten retiring they’ve lost their most reliable underneath target. Instead, they are going to rely on the running game as if Emmitt Smith were still playing. Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot will be joined in the backfield by Tavon Austin and the Cowboys will also use more fullback sets. The defense is going to be average with only one real pass rusher and a totally remade secondary. But the biggest reason why we think the Cowboys won’t reach 9 wins is we don’t believe in Dak Prescott as a passer. He’s a backup in this league. Take The Under.

New York Giants

2017 Preseason Win Total  9   2017 Record  3-13

2018 Win Total  6.5

Prediction – OVER 6.5

The 2016 Giants overachieved and the 2017 Giants underachieved so we’re getting a pretty good number here. The Giants are different with Odell Beckham in the lineup. Beckham is a top 5 receiver in this league and with him at full strength, Eli will just have to be a game manager. We don’t believe Beckham will be the best player on the Giants offense this season. Saquon Barkley is the real deal and he is going to be a monster right out of the gate behind an offensive line that got way better with the pick up of Nate Solder from the Pats. Barkley will get some MVP votes this season. The Giants defense will look different scheme-wise this season but still have a lot of the players from the 2016 season. Look for them to be much better. Take The Over.

Philadelphia Eagles

2017 Preseason Win Total  8   2017 Record  13-3

2018 Win Total  10.5

Prediction – OVER 10.5

The Eagles have everyone back from the Super Bowl win and they are loaded. Carson Wentz will be back this season but with as much talent as this team has Nick Foles has proven even he can win with this team. Jay Ajai and Corey Clement is a very talented 1-2 punch at running back and the Eagles receivers are dangerous led by Alshon Jeffery and Zach Ertz. The defense was a top 5 D last season and the number 1 run defense in the NFL added Haloti Ngata. No Super Bowl hangover from this team. They’ll win the division and in the mix for a 1st round bye. Take The Over.

Washington Redskins

2017 Preseason Win Total  7.5   2017 Record  7-9

2018 Win Total  7

Prediction – Under 7

The Washington Redskins think they’ve upgraded at the QB position with Alex Smith but we don’t believe that one bit. Alex Smith is a game manager and game managers need a lot of talent around them to be successful, which Washington doesn’t have. Their running back will be rookie Derrius Guice running behind a line with holes. Their receivers are Josh Doctson and Jamison Crowder neither of whom are a number 1 threat and their tight end Jordan Reed can’t stay healthy. The Defense will be pretty good this season if their draft picks up front pan out but that won’t be enough to save this team. Take The Under.


Chicago Bears

2017 Preseason Win Total  5.5   2017 Record  5-11

2018 Win Total  6.5

Prediction – Under 6.5

Chicago showed some flashes last season that gives their fans hope but this team is still a few years away from competing for a playoff berth and clearly the worst team in the North. Mitchell Trubisky will look to take the next step after showing some promise last year but the cupboard at receiver is pretty bare in our opinion. If you are counting on Allen Robinson as your number 1 receiver when he’s healthy and you have problems. Counting on Allan Robinson as your number 1 coming off an ACL tear and that’s a disaster. We really love RB Jordan Howard but running behind an offensive line with as many holes as the Bears line doesn’t bode well. Defensively the Bears played pretty well last year and they will lean on their secondary as they wait for their revamped front 7 to come together. Take The Under.

Detroit Lions

2017 Preseason Win Total  8.5   2017 Record  9-7

2018 Win Total  8

Prediction – Under 8

This number is perfect for the Lions as they have been an 8-8 kind of team for years now. This year will be no different as Stafford will continue to make plays, the receiving corps has a lot of talent with Golden Tate and Marvin Jones, and the running backs look good with LeGarrette Blount and rookie Kerryon Johnson. All of that looks good but then you get to the rest of the team. The O line stinks, they lost tight end Eric Ebron and their defense lacks playmakers outside of Ezekiel Ansah and Darius Slay. Take The Under.

Green Bay Packers

2017 Preseason Win Total  10   2017 Record  7-9

2018 Win Total  10

Prediction – OVER 10

One of the most interesting teams to watch this season are the Packers. Everyone is looking forward to seeing Aaron Rodgers back from injury and we think he is coming with a vengeance. It didn’t sit well with Rodgers to watch the wide-open NFC playoffs from home and definitely didn’t sit well the Vikings made the NFC Championship game. Receivers Davante Adams and Randall Cobb should have monster seasons with the return of Rodgers and the addition of Jimmy Graham. Rodgers became less upset about the release of Nelson when Graham was added. Those two will be downright scary in the Red Zone. The Packers defense is still not where they would like it to be but when you have the best QB in the world putting up 30 points you can afford to play around with the lineup. Take The Over.

Minnesota Vikings

2017 Preseason Win Total 8.5   2017 Record  13-3

2018 Win Total  10

Prediction – OVER 10

The Minnesota Vikings were clearly good enough to challenge in the NFC for a Super Bowl berth last season. With the addition of Kirk Cousins and the return of running back Dalvin Cook, they are ready to win it. Cousins isn’t good enough to lead a team by himself to a championship but he doesn’t have to. With Cook, Stefon Diggs, Adam Theilen, and Kyle Rudolph the Vikings are loaded on offense. What’s scary about this team is their defense is the better unit. Take The Over.


Atlanta Falcons

2017 Preseason Win Total  9.5   2017 Record  10-6

2018 Win Total  10

Prediction – Over 10

The 2017 Atlanta Falcons is proof that if you have a chance to win a Super Bowl you better do it. After that embarrassing loss two years ago Atlanta thought they would cruise through the NFC again and obviously that didn’t happen. With their two good running backs Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman back and Alabama standout Calvin Ridley joining Mohamed Sanu as the number 2-3 option the Falcon offense looks loaded. Star receiver Julio Jones is not happy with the organization for not giving him a raise but we think he will come to work and light up the league again. Atlanta’s defense is always steady and can even win a game or two during the season on their own. Look for Atlanta to make the playoffs again this season. Take The Over.

Carolina Panthers

2017 Preseason Win Total  8.5   2017 Record  11-5

2018 Win Total  9

Prediction – Under 9

The Carolina Panthers are again one of the hardest teams to read going into this season. Cam Newton, of course, is one of the most dynamic talents in the league but they’ve struggled to get him help. Christian McCaffrey taking over the running back spot full time was a smart move as he can be an every-down back. The Panthers are hoping that receiver Devin Funchess and tight end Greg Olsen will be healthy and stay healthy this season but that’s no guarantee and their offensive line took a hit losing a Pro Bowler. The Panthers have one the best front seven’s in the NFL but their secondary will be a problem for a second consecutive year. Take The Under

New Orleans Saints

2017 Preseason Win Total  8   2017 Record  11-5

2018 Win Total  9.5

Prediction – Over 9.5

The New Orleans Saints will be one of the most dangerous offenses in the NFL and are good enough to win the Super Bowl. Drew Brees is still one of the best QB’s in the game, the 1-2 RB punch of Mark Ingram and Alvin Kumara is the best in the league. Receiver Michael Thomas is elite and Ted Ginn Jr is a nice compliment. Oh, and the offensive line is a top 10 line. If the front 7 of the defense can do their part they will be in the mix this season. The secondary is loaded with ball-hawking studs Lattimore and Williams. Take The Over.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

2017 Preseason Win Total  8.5   2017 Record  5-11

2018 Win Total  6.5

Prediction – UNDER 6.5

The Bucs are clearly the worst team in this stacked division and will struggle again as the other 3 teams fight for the playoffs. Jameis Winston is suspended for the first 3 games so Ryan Fitzpatrick will play against the Saints, Eagles and Steelers. That’s a 0-3 start right there. When Winston returns they will still have a mediocre line and one of the worst defenses in football. It’s going to be a long season for Tampa. Take The Under



Arizona Cardinals

2017 Preseason Win Total  8.5   2017 Record  8-8

2018 Win Total  5.5

Prediction – Under 5.5

The Arizona Cardinals are in full rebuild mode with Sam Bradford keeping the seat warm for rookie Josh Rosen. David Johnson will be back at RB which will certainly help whoever plays QB but Larry Fitzgerald is no longer a receiver that strikes fear in opposing defenses and the Cardinals have a rebuilt offensive line. The defense has always been one of the strongest parts of the Cardinals but they have lost a few starters as well as depth in the last couple seasons. They still have big names like Patrick Peterson and Chandler Jones but there are less playmakers than years past. Take The Under.

Los Angeles Rams

2017 Preseason Win Total  5.5   2017 Record  11-5

2018 Win Total  9.5

Prediction – Over 9.5

The Rams had one of the most dangerous offenses in the NFL last year and with Jared Goff starting his second full season as the starter they should be dangerous again. Todd Gurley is the best player on the team and if the line and Gurley can stay healthy they will again set up the passing game for monster plays. The Rams possess something that few teams in the league have and that’s the ability to score on every play from anywhere on the field. The Rams added 3 potential hall of famers on defense with the addition of Marcus Peters, Aqib Talib and Ndamukong Suh to join All-Pro Aaron Donald but the team will miss Robert Quinn and Alec Ogletree to start the season. The Rams should win this division and be in the mix for the SB. Take The Over.

San Francisco 49ers

2017 Preseason Win Total  5   2017 Record  6-10

2018 Win Total  8.5

Prediction – UNDER 8.5

One of the most excited fan bases this offseason was 49er fans and they should be. They got Jimmy Garoppolo for a steal and he sure looked the part ripping off 5 straight wins last season. But cmon, 8.5 wins is asking a lot. The 49ers still have too many holes on this team to make a real run this season and Garoppolo will have growing pains when defenses find his flaws just like every other QB. Marquise Goodwin is an exciting receiver and Pierre Garcon has name recognition but San Fran is going to have to give Garoppolo more weapons for this offense to really take flight. On defense the signing of Richard Sherman is huge but he won’t be 100 percent to start the season. Take The Under

Seattle Seahawks

2017 Preseason Win Total  10.5   2017 Record  9-7

2018 Win Total  8

Prediction – UNDER 8

Seattle put a ton of money into their offensive line and they needed to as their line was awful the last couple seasons. We’re not sure what they are doing with their skill positions though as losing Jimmy Graham is huge on a team that didn’t have many playmakers to begin with. Doug Baldwin is a nice receiver but nowhere near a number 1 and there’s still a question mark at running back. On Defense, they lost 2 main members of the legion of boom and the lone remaining player Earl Thomas is not happy and wants a new contract, or to be traded. Seattle is in line for a rebuild and it starts this season. Take The Under.

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