Ray Monohan Handicapper Review

Ray Monohan Handicapper Review

               Ray Monohan has been in the sports handicapping business for a long time. He’s gone from betting on games to handicapping, to working at an offshore betting site to finally becoming one of the most respected names in the business. Ray uses his own betting formula with a priority on statistics to win his clients along with himself a lot of money. Every play that he releases he’s also betting on. If it’s good enough for his clients it’s good enough for him. It’s been good enough for his clients for a long time. Especially in his 2 favorite sports to bet on MLB and NHL. He has been hitting over 55% on money lines in both sports since 2010. That’s an incredible streak to be on in 1 sport let alone 2.

               Ray is good at multiple sports. As recently as 2013 he has a top 5 finish in combined sports over a full year. He hit over 54% of all picks that year winning his $1,000 bettors over 47 grand. Over the last 5 years, he has top 5 documented finishes in 4 different sports including a #1 NHL finish in 2010 hitting 60% of his games. and a 2nd place finish in the 2012 NCAA basketball season also hitting over 60%. In the what have you done for me lately category he’s done a lot. He finished 9th in NCAAB, 9th in NHL, and 7th in NCAAF for +3,861 units. We recommend people take advantage of his all-sports subscriptions but if you have to choose a sport, might as well choose one or both of his favorites.

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