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Top Rated Sports Handicappers – Best handicappers in the World (click here to see 6-10 )

UPDATED Top 10 Handicappers for 2017

5. Johnny Banks – You ever meet someone who simply seems to always get “lucky”?  Well Banks is that PLUS a ton of knowledge and an almost uncanny ability to dominate in football betting.  Year after year Johnny banks DESTROYS Vegas and he GUARANTEES all his picks.  If you have read our site or signed up for our newsletter, we assume you buy picks from experts at least occasionally.  If you are a serious player, it is almost comical to think you are not following Banks through NFL and NCAA, not to mention NBA, NCAA hoops and MLB! Not sure what else to say except Johnny Banks is the best handicapper in the World.

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4. Don Anthony – Don Anthony is young and still making a name for himself but he is one of the best up and coming handicappers out there. 3 years ago he wasn’t taken seriously by the handicapping world, the public or even us. Well Don Anthony didn’t need for us to give him respect, he worked his ass off and took it. In 2014 he finished as one of the top 10 money winners in 4 different sports and finished as the #2 all around handicapper in 2015. Don is a math whiz and sees numbers differently than most handicappers, which he says gives him a huge advantage. Since the summer of 2014 Don Anthony has hit over 55% of all released sports picks and won an incredible $140,000 on documented picks.

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3. Alex Smart – Alex Smart is a veteran handicapper with a vast ocean of knowledge and experience. He’s wagered on sports for over 30 years and professional handicapper for 17. He’s a tireless worker and takes his craft very seriously for the long term benefit of his clients as well as himself. He makes his living wagering on the same picks he releases to his followers, with his big money made on NBA and College Basketball. But to be on this list you have to have all around skills. Since last year he has upped his game in MLB and college football plays to go along with crushing weak basketball lines everyday. Add all that success up and what do you get. A documented 100 grand in winnings since last summer alone! Alex Smart is a bonafide POWERHOUSE!

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2. Rob Vinciletti – Rob Vinciletti is a World Class Handicapper who destroys the books year after year. He’s been a professional bettor for over 25 years and is well known in the handicapping World for being one of the hardest workers in the business. Every day, every game is analyzed extensively to find those select few releases and his success is staggering. He is a 2 time overall handicapping champion (2010 and 2016) a 2 time football handicapping champion and his 36 Top 10 finishes in the 6 major sports the past decade is second to none. The results are insane. In the last 3 years he has made his clients a documented $157,000! If you aren’t following Rob Vinciletti then you must not like making money.

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1 John Martin –  John Martin has been a pro handicapper for 17 years but that’s not his job. His full time job and overwhelming main source of income is as a big time sports bettor. The same picks he releases to his clients, he’s betting way more than you would ever risk on a bet. In the last 7 years John has top 10 finishes in all 6 major sports leagues and in most he has multiple top 10’s. Martin is number 3 on our list because when it comes to our money, he is not only the hardest working basketball handicapper but he is consistently the best basketball handicapper in the world. Since the beginning of 2016 John Martin has hit over 55% of his basketball releases (with an astonishing 1,600 picks released) and won his clients $110,000! All that in just basketball. WOW!

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