Zach Cimini Handicapper Review

Zach Cimini Handicapper Review

Zach Cimini has been covering and writing about sports since he was a teenager and got into the handicapping game in 2009. Zach grew up in Syracuse NY where he became  a die hard college basketball fan and it’s probably why when it comes to handicapping it’s his best sport today. He’s known for being one of the best futures bettors in the business and prides himself on finding value months before anyone else even notices it. When it comes to daily handicapping he is very picky about releasing anything. He believes in quality over quantity and some days he may only release 1 pick because of it. That doesn’t mean if he finds a bunch of value on any given slate he won’t release 4 or 5 games. Zach is big into money management and preaches his clients follow his strict money management advice for long term gains over the course of the entire season. We do love his detailed write ups and analysis for his plays. It shows all the hard work he puts into it and exactly why he’s on one side or the other.

Zach finished as the 7th best college basketball handicapper in the 2014-’15 season winning 55% of his games and +1223 units. We aren’t big into numbers from years ago that we can’t prove are real so we don’t report them. We think his season long packages are a little pricey for that reason. All signs point to him being one of the up and coming handicappers in the business so we recommended you buy his full season basketball package or give his one week or month all sports subscriptions a shot and see if he’s right for you. STAY TUNED.

Year AccomplishmentRecordWin % Profit
2015 Ranked #2 in NFL 44-22 66.7% $1942
2015 -2016Ranked #3 in NBA 122-86 58.7% $3056
2015Ranked #3 in Football 94-55 63.1% $3379
2014 -2015 Ranked #6 in CBB 115-94 55% $1223
2015 Ranked #7 in CFB 50-33 60.2% $1437
2015 -2016 Ranked #7 in Basketball 224-181 55.3% $3108

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