Kyle Hunter Handicapper Review

Kyle Hunter Handicapper Review

Kyle Hunter is good…. REALLY GOOD. In the last 5-6 years he can put his numbers up against anyone and arguable no one will have done better. Every day and night he’s grinding, breaking down games like no other. If there are games on the slate where the number looks weak you can bet Kyle is going to find it. You can’t have the success he’s had in recent years without mixing pure talent with extraordinary drive and work ethic. In 2009 he was the best college handicapper on the planet. He finished #3 in college football winning 57% of his games but that was nothing compared to him picking 600 college hoops games and winning 57% and +5,918 units! that’s just from 1 season 1 sport. That was just a prelude to an amazing 2010 when Kyle finished as the #1 overall handicapper going 694-562. His dime bettors won 93 thousand dollars that year! Ready for more numbers? In the last 6 years he has 2 top 5 NCAAF finishes, 3 top 6 NCAAB finishes including #1 in ’09 and ’12. In 2011 He finished as the #1 NFL handicapper-winning an insane 65% of his picks (Yes that’s documented) and he just crushes baseball with top 3 finishes in 3 seperate seasons winning dime bettors over 80 grand if you combine those 3 seasons. We apologize that was a lot of numbers but those were numbers that needed to be told. The best number we can give you though is $1199.95. That’s the amount Kyle’s 365 day all sports package costs. For the amount of success this man has had, that’s the most insane number of all.  GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!!!

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