Matt Fargo Handicapper Review

Matt Fargo Handicapper Review

What’s the best compliment we can give Matt Fargo? There are some people on our staff that follow him. Why wouldn’t you? He’s one of the Best Handicappers On Earth. He’s been handicapping for almost 20 years and just keeps getting better and better. Don’t ask Matt about his biggest wins because he’ll tell you they’re all big. Winning in this business isn’t easy. If it were, everyone would be rich. It doesn’t matter if a bet is a blowout or a backdoor cover. All that matters is you’re on the winning side and cashing tickets. Matt strives to be the best handicapper out there learning from his past mistakes and making sure to not repeat them. Matt uses situational handicapping above all else. He watches and analyzes as many games as possible, day in day out to make sure he’s ready for future plays. He keeps archives of teams and players that goes back years to help in his situational handicapping. Matt includes some of the best analysis around with his picks so that his followers see exactly what he sees and can watch it unfold with their very own eyes. Because of his expert analysis, he’s all over radio giving out valuable information on upcoming matchups and all-around handicapping tips. He uses a 3 to 10-star system with 3* being free plays. He even has great pick release names like the Star Attraction (TV games) Dark Horse Dandy (underdogs that will cover and may win outright) Super Annihilator (favorites who will crush) and The Enforcer (his top 10* play) one the most sought out picks in the business.


We 100% recommend you follow Matt’s full-season subscriptions to maximize profits. Every handicapper goes cold, you want one that has the ability to break out of slumps with minimal damage and Matt is a pro at this. Listen to some of these gaudy numbers. In the last 6 years, he has 17 top 20 finishes and 12 top 10 finishes! That covers a wide range of sports. Lets put checkmarks next to sports he’s great at.


MLB…. In MLB he has an uncanny knack for hitting dogs. Since 2012 he’s hit only 44% of his MLB plays but his clients are still making money as he is +2280 units. check

NHL…. In 2013 he finished as the 10th best NHL handicapper and gets stronger at playoff time, including hot as fire in the 2015 playoffs. check

NCAAB…. He has two top ten finishes since ‘07.

NCAAF…. In 2014 he hit 54% of his college football plays and his premium picks routinely hits around 56%. check

NBA…. 2008 finished #5, 121-96. 2009 #3, 149-110. 2011 #2, 129-93 for 58.1%! 2014 he finished #13 going 123-106. Those numbers are sick. CHECK

NFL…. In 2008 he finished as The best NFL handicapper going 64-48 (57.1%) 2009 #7 54.6%. 2010 # 1 AGAIN 72-47! 2012 #8 56% and 2014 he hit on 54% finishing in top 20… JUST STUPID. CHECK, CHECK! Follow Matt Fargo, we’re about to go re up.

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