R&R Totals Handicapper Review

R&R Totals Handicapper Review

               If you like betting on totals over the point spread then look no further. R & R does totals, in fact that’s the only thing they do is Totals. So if you’re expecting to see a play on the point spread at any time during your subscription don’t bother buying because you won’t get it. What you will get is a ton of wins and make a lot of money by following R & R. They believe in quality and only release limited numbers of plays per day so also don’t expect a ton of picks per day. They put in just as much time as other handicappers and maybe more because to have the kind of success they have you have to put in the work.

               R & R Totals has many documented Top 10 finishes in multiple sports including a 1st place finish for the 2014 NCAA Basketball season. Totals went an insane 57-31 (65%) for +2,348 units. They also have a 8th and 7th place NCAAB finish in the 2010 and 2011 seasons respectively, winning over 2 thousand more units combining those 2 seasons. 2014 was a great year for R & R. Along with that #1 NCAAB finish they finished 24th in NCAA Football hitting 58%, 20th in NFL hitting 63% and 7th in MLB going 115-83 netting followers +2,642. They also have 2 other top 6 finishes in baseball in the last 6 years. We at Ridethehothand.com recommends if you follow R & R get the 3, 6 or full season all sports subscription to maximize the number of picks you receive or get the MLB subscription and hit Over/Unders all summer long.

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