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UPDATED Top 10 Handicappers for 2018


5. R&R Totals If you like betting on totals over the point spread then look no further. R & R does totals, in fact, that’s the only thing he does is Totals. So if you’re expecting to see a play on the point spread at any time during your subscription don’t bother buying because you won’t get it. What you will get is a ton of wins and make a lot of money by following R & R. If you are one of those people who don’t bet during the summer months R & R is a really fun follow. They crush MLB totals like no other and when the numbers come in at the end of the season R & R is always near the top of the money leaderboard. R & R also does well in College Basketball and the NHL.

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4. Teddy Davis Usually when we’re telling you about a basketball handicapper who is killing it, we’re talking about either the NBA or College Basketball, not both. Rare has a handicapper been on a run in both sports at the same time like Teddy. This guy is at the top of his game in both sports, doing things we haven’t seen in a long time. In the last 3 seasons, Teddy has two #1 College Basketball finishes and one #1 NBA finish. If you still don’t think following Teddy during basketball season is a good idea listen to these numbers. In the last 3 basketball seasons Teddy Davis has gone 986-772 (56%) That is equivalent to a dime bettor winning $150,478. Enough Said.

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3. Ryan Worden Ryan Worden has been handicapping on a professional level for 15 years but when he burst onto the scene as a documented handicapper last season no one saw him coming. Well if they didn’t know back then how good he is they are starting to understand. Ryan has made his customers money in every sport since late last fall showing his incredible knowledge of all the major sports. He finished 12th on the NBA money list, 11th in hockey, and is on pace for a top 5 MLB finish in 2018, all of which has put him on the Top 10 all around handicapper money list for 2018. It doesn’t stop there. NFL and College Football might be his two best sports. Let’s just say we’re excited to see what kind of number Ryan puts up when he has the full 2018 football season to work with. TRUST US. GET ON BOARD TODAY!

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2. Jimmy Boyd Jimmy Boyd has been one of the absolute best handicappers of the last decade. In 2006 when he entered the world of documented handicapping he didn’t just come through the front door he kicked it down, hitting over 57% of NFL plays right of the box. Jimmy is all about quality over quantity and he is a tireless worker looking for the right matchups. He has an uncanny knack to spot overpriced lines and pick mismatches. To be one the Best Sports Handicappers you have to be able to win in all sports, not just one or two, and in the last 6 years he has at least 1 Top Ten finish in all the major sports and some sports more than once. Jimmy is definitely a capper to follow all year round.

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1. Bobby Wing His motto says it all “Never any bullshit or false promises…just consistent winners from a hardworking handicapper” Bobby must be really working hard because one thing is clear, Bobby Wing is the best handicapper in the 2018 season. Don’t let his win percentage of 54% fool you. Bobby has a knack for picking dogs in money line sports and with his average starting odds of +101, that 54% translates to a profit of almost $100,000 for dime bettors. Yes, you read that right. That is almost an unheard of amount of profit for one calendar year. It doesn’t matter if it’s Football, basketball, baseball or hockey. Right now Bobby Wing is on Top

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