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UPDATED Top 10 Handicappers for 2022 (#1 – #5)

5. Kevin Young – Kevin Young has not had the start to the 2022 Handicapping season he had hoped for but he is still deserving of the #5 spot on our Top Sports Betting Handicappers list. In 2021 Kevin would have won the Handicapping Championship most years with his performance if not for Juan Carlos Flores incredible soccer season. Young hit on 55% of his picks thanks to a remarkable NFL record of 54-24 (69%) which made him the 2021 NFL Handicapping Champion. So as summer turns to fall in 2022 and fall to winter Kevin Young is a sports betting handicapper you definitely want on your side.

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4. Kenny Walker – Kenny Walker is using his bread and butter sport to climb back in to the Top 5 of our Top Handicappers rankings. Walker is one of the best Major League Baseball Handicappers in the World and that is a big deal around here. From the time the NBA Playoffs ends in the second week of June to when College Football and NFL starts up, betting on baseball is one of the only things a lot of us serious bettors will do. And if you are a serious baseball bettor there is no better MLB handicapper than Kenny Walker. To be a truly great MLB Handicapper you have to grind day in and day out and no one does it better than Kenny Walker

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3. Juan Carlos Flores – The 2021 Overall Handicapping Champion Juan Carlos Flores had a season for the ages in 2021. Flores didn’t just win the championship he DOMINATED! Flores broke the record for most money won in 2021 with an amazing profit value of $12,146 for $100 a game bettors. If you are a more serious bettor and bet $1,000 a game, Flores would have made you an astounding $121,460 in 2021. Flores does one thing and one thing only and that is bet soccer. So, if you are looking for other sports, he is not your guy. But if you love “football” or just love money in general Juan Carlos is a true winner.

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2. Jimmy Boyd – The more things change the more they same the same. Jimmy Boyd is a pro’s pro and a true legend of the handicapping industry. In the last year Jimmy Boyd has done what Jimmy does and that is hit picks at a 56 percent clip and win his clients almost 10 thousand dollars for $100 a game bettors, Jimmy makes his money the way he always does, CRUSHING MLB betting picks and NFL betting picks which are two of the most lucrative sports a bettor can win at. Jimmy Boyd CONSISTENTLY wins his MLB and NFL picks at over 60 percent. If you can find us a better MLB/NFL combo handicapper we’d love to hear about them.

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1. Jack Jones – JACK IS BACK! One of the most reliable and talented handicappers we have reviewed in our decade of doing these is back where he belongs as our Top-Rated Handicapper! Jack is winning him and his loyal base of followers, money at an amazing clip in 2022. Jack is hitting on his picks at a 57 percent rate in 2022. That’s not surprising when you look at his ability to win his customers money in every sport that we care about. Not only is he a wizard picking College and NBA basketball games, but he has also been known to keep his customers afloat during the baseball summer months before fall hits and Jack’s customers really get their money’s worth in College Football and NFL Betting picks. If you want a handicapper that has long winning streaks and keeps his cold streaks nice and short than Jack Jones is your man.

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