Thursday November 1st Raiders VS 49ers NFL Free Betting Pick

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There is nothing quite like being a sports bettor in the fall. NFL football and betting go together like no other sport. It’s not a big secret that the explosion in the popularity of NFL football is partly due to the fact that more and more people are betting directly on football or playing fantasy football for money. Why else would anyone tune into a Browns vs Jets game this season if you don’t have a little action on the game or have a player on your daily fantasy sports team? The problem for amateur bettors is the fun they have betting on the NFL doesn’t correlate with winning any money. The NFL is probably the hardest sport to win consistently on because the oddsmakers are so good at setting the lines to combat the public’s love of betting the favorites. Many NFL fans still bet on it for entertainment purposes knowing they have little chance to come out on top in the end. There is a way to have the entertainment value of betting and win money as well. That’s what we’re here for. Throughout the 2018 season, we will release a top NFL handicapper’s free pick on game days to give you a better chance to beat the books this season. Check back here every game day for all the free picks we release. Get Free Picks, Premium Packages and Updated Money Leaders by Clicking Here

Today’s Top NFL Handicapper Free Pick

Steve Janus

Nov 01 ’18, 8:20 PM
NFL | Raiders vs 49ers

Play on: 49ers -3 +100 at BMaker

1* Free Sharp Play on 49ers -3 +100