Trev Rogers Handicapper Review

Trev Rogers Handicapper Review

When it comes to football look no further because you have found your man. Trev Rogers is one of the best football handicappers on the planet, period. You could take our word for it but we like numbers so lets look at some. Since 2009 Trev has 8 documented top 10 finishes in either NFL or NCAA football. That’s out of a possible total of 12! Out of those 8 he has two #1 finishes, two #2 finishes, and one #3. So it’s not like he’s sneaking in at #9 or #10 every year, HE’S LEADING THE PACK! He is the only handicapper to win back to back football championships (2012-2013) and from 2012- 2014 he went an amazing 232-157 for a win percentage of 60%. Let’s not make Trev out to be just good in football, He was the #1 handicapper in 2014 for all sports combined winning his dime bettors over $80,000. In 2013 and 2014 he made his MLB dime bettors over 60 grand, finishing 5th and 3rd those years. He also has top 10 finishes in basketball on his resume. We highly recommend you go for one of Trev’s all sports packages but definitely football. You can thank us after The Super Bowl.

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