RTTH 2016-2017 Top 5 NBA Handicappers

RTTH 2016-2017 Top 5 NBA Handicappers

It’s that time of year again hoops junkies. NBA basketball is back even though there is only technically a four month break between the NBA Finals and the tip off to the new season it couldn’t get here fast enough. The NBA is making a comeback in popularity. After attendance and ratings drops in the decade after Michael Jordan retired the NBA is as popular as ever. NBA betting is also more popular than ever. It’s a bettors dream, 1,230 regular season games played over 6 months, then 2 months of playoffs means there is a ton of money to be made. Top NBA handicappers take full advantage and rake in the money.

With so many games on a night after night basis the best NBA handicappers find and exploit soft lines that Vegas puts out. A Monday night Utah/Sacramento game in November is not going to garner the same kind of attention from the sportsbooks, public and bettors than the Christmas Day showdown between Cleveland/Golden State will. That Jazz/Kings game is just as important in the eyes of NBA handicappers, maybe even more so because there is a bigger chance the sportsbook got that line wrong. Therefore the NBA cappers will tell their followers to pound  a game that they would of otherwise not even paid any attention to. Let’s look at a perfect example of that. Monday November 23rd 2015, how many of you would of paid any attention to either of these games… Detroit Pistons vs Milwaukee Bucks or Sacramento Kings vs Charlotte Hornets. Probably very few, if any of you. Teddy Davis paid a lot of attention. He noticed soft lines in both games, released those two games as locks and hit on both. While the public is looking at the ESPN NBA game of the week, the best NBA handicappers in the world are cleaning up on the Hornets and Bucks. Here is our 5 Top NBA handicappers to start the season (from our 5th best to our top guy) If betting on NBA basketball is really about making money for you, following one of these 5 NBA sharps is a pretty good start.

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5. Mr East: Our Top 5 list has to be loaded if a 2x NBA handicapping champ is only 5th on the list. Mr East has not only made the most money handicapping on NBA twice in the last 7 seasons, he has hit 57 percent of the time when he has bet on totals during those 7 years to the tune of over 120 grand. Mr East’s NBA packages include $249 for a month or $699.95 for the full season.

4. Art Aronson: The 2014 NBA Handicapping champ slots in at #4 on our list. In that 2014 year Art hit on 58% of his picks for the full season to claim his first (probably not last) money title. What has he done since? Only cash winners on 55% of his games since January 2014 and netted his followers 50 grand. Art has full season subscription up now for $750. Look for monthly and weekly deals as well.

3. Matt Fargo: When you think of a consistent winner betting on NBA basketball look no further than Matt Fargo. Year after year Matt is winning his many clients money. In the last 6 years Fargo has a #2, #3, #4 and #6 finish on the NBA money list. During those 5 years Fargo hit on 55% of his picks and that #6 finish was last season when he won over 32 grand for his NBA followers. He has full NBA season subscription for $699.95 to go with his 1 week and 1 month packages.

2. Jeff Alexander: Year after year you will find Jeff Alexander fighting for the money title as the top handicapper in all sports combined. One of the main reasons he seems to be always in the running is his ability to crush the NBA season. In the last 7 years no one has made more money than Jeff who has finished in the top 9 on the NBA money list 5 times including finishing 2nd last season when he made his followers 49 thousand dollars for the season. Jeff has an amazing NBA/NCAA combo sale price of $499.95. That price is so sick!

1. Teddy Davis: The number #1 spot on our Top NBA handicappers list isn’t going to Teddy Davis just because he’s the reigning NBA handicapping champ (although that’s a good start) It’s HOW he did it. Teddy easily won more money betting/handicapping NBA basketball last season than any other NBA handicapper we’ve reviewed going back 10 years. He had a season for the ages. He went 212-141 last season to the tune of 61 THOUSAND DOLLARS IN PROFIT, It takes a lot of handicappers 4 -5 seasons to make that much and this dude did it in one. Teddy doesn’t take a night off during basketball season releasing at least 2 NBA picks a night EVERY night. Get his 2016 full NBA season now for just $499.95. Five hundred bucks for a guy who netted 61 Grand seems like a good investment to us. Look out for our list of best NCAA handicappers as well. You might just see Teddy’s name at the top of that list also.

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