3 Blazing NHL Handicappers

3 Blazing NHL Handicappers

We’re creeping up on the halfway point of the NHL season with each team playing at least 37 games. In the East the teams that won the Atlantic and Metropolitan divisions last year are again the cream of the crop. In the East after fast starts Montreal and New york have cooled off and The Washington Capitals are on top. The Capitals are +$1,665 on the season. In the other conference the Dallas Stars who missed the playoffs last season are still the best team by a wide margin and +$825 on the money line. NHL is usually forgotten in the sports betting world but there is a ton of money out there to be made and the Best NHL Handicappers take full advantage off weak odds while Vegas is focusing on football and basketball. Here are our 2 Best Hockey Handicappers from a year ago and 3 Handicappers who are killing it this season.

Top 2 NHL Handicappers from 2014-2015

1. Rocky Sheridan

Rocky Sheridan is the reigning NHL Handicapping Champ. He had an amazing year going 120-98 (55%) in ’14-’15. Rocky’s clients who wager $500 a game took in over $16,000 last year and his Dime betting clients won over 32 grand. Rocky has amazingly cheap prices for being the #4 handicapper in 2015 for all sports. You can get a full year access pass to all his picks for $999.99. If you want the full NHL season that includes every hockey pick he releases it’s only $349.99. Last season if you bought his season pass and wagered $100 on every game your profit would of been almost 3 grand! Nice chunk of change.

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2. Sean Higgs

Rocky may be the champ from a year ago but Sean Higgs made him sweat it out. It literally came down to the last day of the season. Sean went 135-112(54.7%) a year ago to claim the spot as the #2 NHL Handicapper. Sean’s clients who wagered $500 a game also made over $16,000 a year ago and dime bettors also won just over 32 grand. We’ll get to his packages later in the article.

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3 NHL Handicappers Who Are Lighting It Up

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1. Sean Higgs

At about the half way point Sean Higgs is well on his way to finishing this season as The NHL Handicapping Champ. Sean is 68-55 so far in this season (55.3%) He has a nickel per game bettors up $9,390 and is dime betting clients over 19 grand!  Buy Sean’s 2015-’16 NHL season package now $499.95. Or every pick Sean releases in all sports for 30 days at only $199.99. Get on board now, he may just get to the #1 spot this year. Don’t miss out!

2. Miguel DaSilva 

We knew it was coming. Miguel Dasilva was having a very good year handicapping NHL but we all knew he would breakout and he EXPLODED in December. Hitting on 58% of his picks in December brought his ytd total to $1,527 and right where he should be in our Top 3 NHL Handicappers. Get the rest of his NHL picks for the rest of the season for $499.95 or a 30 day all access pass for only $349.95.


3. Bryan Power

Bryan Power is crushing the books in NHL this season going 68-43 hitting 61 percent of his plays. His nickel betting NHL followers have won $6,550 and his dime followers over 13 grand. Get the rest of his NHL plays for $499.95.





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