Today’s NCAA Basketball Championship Picks

College Basketball Handicapper Picks

Rejoice college basketball junkies, the 2016-2017 season is now in full swing and the road to March Madness has begun. College basketball fans aren’t the only ones seeking a championship. Our Top college basketball handicappers are also dreaming of a championship come April. Last season our top 8 NCAA basketball handicappers made over 20 grand, With our Top rated handicapper Teddy Davis making over 40 grand. If you go a little deeper the top 21 handicappers broke the 10 grand profit plateau. Handicapping college basketball is one tough business and have caused many amateur bettors to go broke. At least in the NBA most bettors have known the players and for the most part the teams for years, in some cases a decade. College basketball on the other hand changes so much from year to year it’s almost impossible to gauge how these teams will perform from year to year. Unless you are spending hours studying the college hoops world you really have no shot to make a profit.

Lucky for you our NCAA basketball handicappers do spend hours upon hours learning everything there is to know about the World of college hoops. They know the ins and outs of betting on it and where/how to find the soft lines on the slate day after day. Starting from the season tip-off to the Final Four in Phoenix, this page will be dedicated to providing handicapper picks that will help you win some serious money. As we said earlier we have tons of excellent handicappers who have discounted picks packages all year long so we recommend you try a few until you find one you want to stick with. Daily Premium picks are GUARANTEED to show a profit or the next days are FREE. Click Here for up to date college basketball handicapping leaders.

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