Johnny Wynn Is Money In MLB

Johnny Wynn has made his MLB clients over 27 grand in 2016 so far, THAT’S RIGHT, 27 GRAND!!!!!!. He has been absolutely incredible this season. He has been very particular on which games he chooses to release, only picking 10-11 games a week and averaging about 8 wins a week. Johnny has been hitting on all cylinders, hitting on favorites, underdogs and totals with equal success. He has 7 winning streaks over 4 games or more on the season and hasn’t lost 2 games in a row all season. Better yet, he hasn’t lost 2 games on the SAME DAY all season… Incredible! Check out his picks this season below then buy a month’s worth of all the picks he releases in all sports for just $500.00. If you bought that in April just think how much you’d be up right now. 

05-08-16Diamondbacks -136 v. Braves5-3Win100
05-08-16Phillies v. Marlins -103Top6-5Loss-103
05-07-16Diamondbacks +121 v. Braves4-2Win121
05-07-16Brewers +103 v. RedsTop13-7Win103
05-07-16 Athletics -114 v. Orioles8-4Win100
05-06-16Royals v. Indians -1341-7Win100
05-05-16Nationals +138 v. Cubs2-5Loss-100
05-05-16Diamondbacks v. Marlins UNDER 80-4Win100
05-04-16Red Sox -101 v. White SoxTop5-2Win100
05-04-16Angels -129 v. Brewers7-3Win100
05-03-16Diamondbacks v. Marlins -1064-7Win100
05-03-16Tigers v. Indians -1173-7Win100
05-02-16Rockies -111 v. PadresTop1-2Loss-111
05-02-16Giants -150 v. Reds9-6Win100
05-01-16Royals v. Mariners -135Top4-1Loss-135
04-30-16Nationals +120 v. CardinalsTop6-1Win120
04-30-16Tigers v. Twins UNDER 8.54-1Win100
04-29-16Royals v. Mariners -1530-1Win100
04-29-16Nationals -134 v. CardinalsTop5-4Win100
04-28-16Marlins v. Dodgers -116Top5-3Loss-116
04-28-16White Sox v. Orioles -1202-10Win100
04-27-16Pirates +102 v. RockiesTop9-8Win102
04-26-16Indians +110 v. Twins5-6Loss-100
04-26-16White Sox -125 v. Blue JaysTop10-1Win100
04-25-16Royals v. Angels UNDER 7.5Top1-6Win100
04-25-16Orioles +120 v. Rays0-2Loss-100
04-24-16Mariners +115 v. AngelsTop9-4Win115
04-24-16Indians -125 v. Tigers6-3Win100
04-23-16Marlins -110 v. GiantsTop2-7Loss-110
04-22-16Indians +111 v. TigersTop2-1Win111
04-21-16Tigers v. Royals -150Top0-4Win100
04-20-16Pirates v. Padres -105Top2-8Win100
04-19-16Angels v. White Sox -1160-5Win100
04-19-16Tigers v. Royals UNDER 8Top6-8Loss-100
04-18-16Cubs -111 v. CardinalsTop5-0Win100
04-17-16Diamondbacks -114 v. PadresTop7-3Win100
04-16-16Brewers v. Pirates -149Top0-5Win100
04-15-16White Sox -113 v. RaysTop1-0Win100
04-13-16Giants -101 v. Rockies6-10Loss-101
04-13-16White Sox -106 v. TwinsTop3-0Win100
04-12-16Rangers +116 v. Mariners8-0Win116
04-12-16Padres v. Phillies +101Top0-3Win101
04-10-16Padres v. Rockies UNDER 113-6Win100
04-10-16Rangers -101 v. Angels1-3Loss-101
04-09-16Rangers +106 v. AngelsTop4-1Win106
04-08-16A’s v. Mariners -1453-2Loss-145
04-08-16Pirates -137 v. RedsTop6-5Win100
04-07-16Cubs v. Diamondbacks OVER 914-6Win100
04-06-16White Sox v. A’s -1271-2Win100
04-06-16Red Sox v. Indians -1316-7Win100
04-05-16Giants -130 v. Brewers2-1Win100
04-04-16Dodgers v. Padres OVER 6Top15-0Win100
04-04-16Mariners +114 v. Rangers2-3Loss-100

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