The 82 game grind is over, the matchups are set and the NBA playoffs are finally here. This is the best time of year for NBA fans and an even better time for NBA Handicappers and bettors. Let’s go thru the up to date odds to win each first round series, conferences and the finals. Odds For 4/15 To see updates Click here

1st Round

Indiana Pacers +300 vs Toronto Raptors -400

Houston Rockets +2000 vs Golden State -10000

Boston Celtics +130 vs Atlanta Hawks -150

Dallas Mavericks +1000 vs Oklahoma City Thunder -2000

Detroit Pistons +800 vs Cleveland Cavaliers -1600

Charlotte Hornets +140 vs Miami Heat -160

Memphis Grizzlies +2000 vs San Antonio Spurs -10000

Portland Trail Blazers +275 vs Los Angeles Clippers -350

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2016 Eastern Conference

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2016 Western Conference

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