NFL Playoffs Teams ATS and More

The NFL Regular season is in the books and the Super Bowl tournament is set. Let’s look at how the 12 teams did against the spread in the regular season and some opening thoughts for the Playoffs.f

Arizona Cardinals: 13-3,  9-7 ATS (3-5 home, 6-2 away)  9-7 O/U (4-4 home, 5-3 away)  Even though they were thoroughly embarrassed against Seattle to close the season Arizona is still dangerous. With that home record against the spread be careful in the divisional round when they host a home game against either Minnesota, Washington or Green Bay. Of course they won’t say it but they would probably prefer to travel to Carolina for The NFC Championship then play Seattle again.

Carolina Panthers: 15-1,   11-5 ATS (6-2 home, 5-3 away) 11-5 O/U (6-2 home, 5-3 away)  Carolina who will not be on the road during The NFC playoffs went 8-0 at home, 4-0 ATS in their last 4 home games and 4 of their last 5 home games went gone OVER the number (the only game that went under was a 38-0 win over Atlanta) They averaged 37 points a game in their last 5 home games.

Cincinnati Bengals: 12-4,   13-3 ATS (5-3 home, 8-0 away) 7-9 O/U (3-5 home, 4-4 away)  The Cincinnati Bengals lost out on a first round bye and what turned out to be the number 1 seed in the AFC after blowing a 14-0 lead at Denver in the last Monday Night game in week 16. If they can get by Pittsburgh with AJ Mccarron in the Wild Card that might not be such a bad thing for them and people who bet on them. They went 6-2 on the road (losing a thriller at Arizona to go along with the blown lead at Denver) and they went a perfect 8-0 ATS on the road. 4 of their last 5 road games have gone UNDER as well. BUT FIRST….. They have to get past The Steelers with Mccarron. Look for that game to go UNDER.

Denver Broncos: 12-4,   9-7 ATS (3-5 home, 6-2 away) 6-9-1 O/U (2-5-1 home, 4-4 away)  The Denver Broncos scored big in the last 2 games going from the possibility of being left out of the playoffs to #1 seed. That gives Peyton an extra week to rest and a possible AFC Championship matchup at home against The Patriots. The Broncos want Cincinatti to beat the Steelers more than anyone as a second round match up against The Chiefs or Texans is the easier path. At home they just don’t cover as they have lost their last 3 ATS and typically play low scoring games.

Green Bay Packers: 10-6,   9-7 ATS (4-4 home, 5-3 away) 5-11 O/U (1-7 home, 4-4 away)  The Packers are arguably the worst team going into the playoffs and there’s a real good chance they will be one and done against The Redskins. If they somehow find a way in the Wild Card, Carolina or Arizona will be both be salivating at the chance to play the Packers.

Houston Texans: 9-7,   9-7 ATS (5-3 home, 4-4 away) 9-7 O/U (3-5 home, 6-2 away)  The Houston Texans play arguably the hottest team  in The Wild Card round. Not only have  the Chiefs won 10 straight and went 8-2 ATS over that time, The Texans were handled easily by Kansas City in a week 1 game where the 27-20 score didn’t represent the whoopin they took. Houston should be one and done.

Kansas City Chiefs: 11-5,   8-8 ATS (3-5 home, 5-3 away) 9-7 O/U (3-5 home, 6-2 away)  The Chiefs are playing really good football right now and even though we like them to get past The Texans, a run to The Super Bowl seems unlikely. A list of teams they beat during the streak includes Detroit, San Diego twice, Oakland twice, Baltimore and Cleveland. They did beat Pittsburgh, Denver and Buffalo. Although whoever they play in round 2 should be a close game.

Minnesota Vikings: 11-5,   13-3 ATS (7-1 home, 6-2 away) 4-12 O/U (3-5 home, 1-7 away)  The Minnesota Vikings are a tough team to read going into the playoffs and even though the majority of the public will side with Seattle in The Wild Card, slow down a little. Minnesota went 6-2 at home and ATS this season. Even though one of those losses was an embarrassing 38-7 loss to Seattle where the offense didn’t score, this game will play a little different. That Dec 6th game was played in the low 40’s. This game will have a wind chill factor in the negative teens. In a low scoring defensive battle be wary of a Vikings upset. Beating Seattle, Arizona and Carolina in a 14 day span seems the unlikeliest of possibilities for any Wild Card team to make it to the Super Bowl. If you’re beating totals The UNDER on The Vikings is a solid bet week after week.

New England Patriots: 12-4,   7-7-2 ATS (4-2-2 home, 5-3 away) 9-7 O/U (4-4 home 5-3 away)  Injuries, Injuries, Injuries. No one cares this time of year especially when it comes to this team. They did get their bye which will help get some players back. The Patriots only saving grace in these playoffs is the quarterbacks in the AFC for the other contenders are weak besides Roethlisberger, who’s team would have to navigate Cincinnati and Denver to even make it to Gillette. Don’t be fooled into blindly betting the Pats as they are 2-5-1 ATS in their last 8.

Pittsburgh Steelers: 10-6,   8-6-2 ATS (4-3-1 home, 4-3-1 away) 6-10 O/U (4-4 home, 2-6 away) The media talking up the Pittsburgh Steelers being Dangerous is true but enough already. This team is not as dangerous as the media are making them out to be. Yes they beat Arizona, Denver and Cincinnati this season but let’s look a little deeper how they played on the road as they will be on the road for their whole playoff run. 4-4 straight up and 4-3-1 ATS. The teams they beat on the road were The Rams, Chargers, Bengals and Browns. Playing in Cincinnati, Denver and New England will be nearly impossible to overcome with no running game and that high flying passing game playing in cold weather with Martavis Bryant nowhere to be found as of late.

Seattle Seahawks: 10-6,   8-7-1 ATS (4-4 home 4-3-1 away) 7-9 O/U (4-4 home , 3-5 away)  The Seattle Seahawks are another one of theses teams with the media tag “no one wants to play them” Unlike Pittsburgh this one is true. Since Jimmy Graham went down they have played as well as anyone thanks to Wilson playing out of his mind. They are 6-1 SU and ATS in their last 7 and after dismantling the Cardinals appear ready for a run. Beware their Wild Card game. If it were in the Metro Dome this game would have blow out written all over it. In the below zero temps that awaits them it’s anyone’s game. I don’t think anyone outside of Minnesota doesn’t want to see Seattle vs Carolina in The Divisional Round in a game that could be the defacto NFC Championship game. Note- after a string of OVERS their last 4 have gone UNDER the number.

Washington Redskins: 9-7,   9-7 ATS (5-3 home, 4-4 away) 9-7 O/U (3-5 home, 6-2 away)  The Washington Redskins couldn’t ask for a better opponent in The Wild Card round than the struggling Packers. It’s probably the only team in NFC they have a shot against. They are playing with a lot of confidence winning their last 4 SU and ATS with all 4 games go OVER. They have a good shot to make it to weekend 2.