NHL Playoffs Futures and Top Handicappers

NHL Playoffs Futures and Top Handicappers

The NHL regular season is officially over and the real season begins. The NHL playoffs are fantastic,especially the wild first round where anything can and usually does happen. Unlike in the NBA. the NHL playoffs has 8 seeds knock out 1 seeds all the time and many series go 6 and 7 games. NHL Playoffs are also when the best hockey handicappers are at their best. During the postseason the desperation of the each game, against the same opponent, every other night gives these top handicappers a better read on every game and they hit way more than miss. Let’s go over all the NHL Playoff futures and our picks for the 3 NHL handicappers most likely to crush this postseason. Take a chance on these guys, sit back and enjoy the fast paced intensity of the NHL playoffs while your bankroll grows. For up to date futures odds Click here


First round matchups and odds to advance to round 2 (Home Ice Advantage is second team)

Detroit Red Wings (+130) vs Tampa Bay Lightning (-150) Wednesday 7pm 

New York Rangers vs Pittsburgh Penguins Wednesday 8pm

Chicago Blackhawks (-110) vs St Louis Blues (-110) Wednesday 9:30pm 

Philadelphia Flyers (+245) vs Washington Capitals (-290) Thursday 7pm

New York Islanders (+130) vs Florida Panthers (-150) Thursday 8pm

Minnesota Wild vs Dallas Stars Thursday 9:30pm

San Jose Sharks (+125) vs Los Angeles Kings (-145) 10:30pm

Nashville Predators (+160) vs Anaheim Ducks (-180) 10:30pm

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2016 Eastern Conference Champion


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2016 Western Conference Champion

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2016 Stanley Conference Champion

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NHL Handicappers To Follow This Playoff Season
1. Miguel DaSilva
The number 1 spot has to go to the 2015-2016 NHL regular season handicapping champ Miguel DaSilva. Dasilva had a fantastic season winning over 25 grand for his dime betting clients. DaSilva’s known for sniffing out road dogs which is a great skill to have in The NHL Playoffs.
2. Johnny Banks
Johnny Banks is the man and for our money the best all around handicapper on Earth. When the playoffs start and the stakes are at their highest that’s when Banks is at his best. In the last 2 NHL seasons  Banks has hit an amazing 57 percent of his playoff picks. We follow Banks closely every playoff season and so should you. 
3. Ben Burns 
Finishing second on this season’s regular season money list was 2013 NHL Champ Ben Burns. Unlike DaSilva, Burns likes the favorites and hits them an amazing 62% of the time  going 168-104. In the NHL playoffs, favorites have a slight edge in win percentage but when you add in the odds it’s a mine field that the public can’t usually navigate through. So if you like betting on favorites and making money then Burns is your man.
Wild Card. Sean Higgs
Since showing up on our radar a year ago Sean Higgs has been a very impressive NHL Handicapper. He finished second on last season’s money list winning his dime betting clients over 33 grand. He got off to a scorching hot start this season and tapered off at the end still making his season subscribers some good money. If Higgs gets hot LOOK OUT!
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